Do angels appear to people today?


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Mini Yoseph Ghebremariam

Correction: Genesis 18:2 says "three angels" not two as you have put it on your answer.

March 08 2016 Report

Mini Lawrence wong

Angels are messengers and helpers from our Heavenly Father. They have no physical bodies but can assume them as Michael and Selva have identified in Holy Scripture (see also Eph 6:12) and Ken has experienced.

Knowledge in The Word is experiential knowledge, not just head knowledge.

Fallen angels are those who followed Lucifer in his failed coup detat attempt in Heaven when He wanted to sit in the Almighty YHVH ALHYM’S throne. He was cast out of Heaven onto earth together with 1/3rd of the angels (Rev 12: 4-13). There are trillions and trillions of angels (Rev 5: 11).

I have had the privilege of seeing an angel sent by ALHYM to encourage me in time of great persecution.

He was about 2.7 metres tall and had soft glow around him. He looked like the pictures drawn by those who have seen angels, tall and stately with a long robe. He stretched out his hands and said “I love you”. As he reached out to me a light shot out from him like a laser beam and lifted me off the ground and flung me against a wall in my home. I felt nothing and found myself sobbing face down on the carpet – that iEsou (and My ABBA) would agape me so much that He would comfort me.

Dear brothers and sisters, we each have at least one angel who protects us (Mt 18:10).

We have nothing to fear from fallen angels who, I understand are demons seeking to live in the temples of Men and women (Mk 5). They know the power of our Lord and Saviour iEsou christou (Mt 1:1 Greek) and the power of His blood shed on Calvary (Rev 12: 11).

My prayer is that we can submit to our Redeemer iEsou (pronounced “Yeh-sou”) and be like little children in our faith in Him. He is living.

We must share His life with those ALHYM (Ge 1:1 Hebrew), our ABBA (Daddy) is calling to Himself. As He lives in us and magnifies Himself in us we become more and more like Him (2 Cor 3:18) – he uses us our mouth to tell others that our heavenly Daddy loves them and all must repent of sins and confess them to iEsou so that Christ’s blood can be effective to wash clean all unrighteousness (1 Jo 1:7-9).

He directs our hands to help others; He controls our feet to lead us to those ALHYM is calling to Himself (Ac 2: 38-39, 47) to follow iEsou christou who will lead them along Calvary Road to His home (Jo 14:6; Ep 2:19-22). He controls and renews our minds as we present ourselves daily to Him as a living sacrifice (Ro 12:1-2; 2 Cor 10: 1- 6).

And most important of all so that we can be changed into His holiness, His likeness (Jo 3:30; Gal 2:20; 1 Pe 1: 15).

“For in Him we live and move and have our being” (Ac 17:28a) Hallelujah!

Lawrence NZ

September 29 2017 Report

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