Did you ever experience an answer to prayer that was 'miraculous'?

Did you ever have a prayer answered in a way that superseded natural laws or probability?

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Mini Billy P Eldred
Some may not consider this a miracle, but it was and continues to be to me. 

A few years ago, I was running a used car lot. I had about 25 cars on the lot and I put the keys in the cars every day so they would be open for customers. I had a customer call me one morning and tell me they would be there that afternoon to get one particular vehicle so I went out to pull it up close to the office. The keys were missing! No problem as I knew I had just put them out a short time before so I started searching for them. I searched and searched and searched. No keys. I went through every car on the lot, several times. I walked every inch of the lot, several times. We also had 8 or 10 storage buildings for sale and I went through every one of those, several times. I searched the office, several times. After searching solid for about 4 hours or longer, I was at my wits end. As I was making my way back from the storage buildings, I began to pray: Lord you know how badly I need this sale. You know I have searched every place possible. I can't find these keys Lord. I NEED YOUR HELP! Help me Lord. 

That we small voice shouted to me "STOP"! I stopped. The same voice said, "turn around facing East". I did so. The voice said "take 3 steps forward". I did so. The voice said "look down". I did so and there laying in the wide open where I must have been 20 times already looking lay the keys with the bright yellow tag two inches from my toes. Of course I praised the Lord and have done so a number of times relating this story. 

Earth shattering miracle? Maybe not to some but it was to me!

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Mini James Kraft 74 year old retired pipeline worker
Mine was an earth shattering sudden death cardiac arrest 2 miles from town. But a doctor just happened to be there and spent 15 minutes giving me CPR until the EMT's got there and got my heart started again with the defibrillator. Three days later I had open heart surgery to replace a bad heart valve by a super surgeon that just happened to be in the hospital.

He replaced my heart valve with a doner valve so that I do not have to be on any medication. This all happened over four years ago and my latest echo my heart doctor says my heart looks perfect.

The three days I waited in the hospital for surgery, the Lord was with me as I was not in the least concerned about what was going to happen. I knew it was all up to Him and I was the most content I have ever been in my life.

I have never felt His love for me like I did those three days. What little pain I went through was worth every bit because of His closeness at a time when I needed Him the most. 

God reveals himself to us at the strangest times and in the strangest of circumstances. I can not explain any of it. All I know is that He was with me. We should not be surprised, He said He would be with us till the end. But yeah, we are still surprised. It just makes me love Him all the more. I can not sing Amazing Grace all the way through without tearing up.

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Q jcryle001 JD Abshire
A couple years back I came to the conclusion my 4x4 quad cab truck was no longer needed but because of the nature of my work I did need a 4 wheel drive occasionally. I also wanted a vehicle with bluetooth so I could listen to my phone's Christian audio library and make hands free calls. Rather than run out and buy/trade vehicles (as I have done in the past) I asked the Lord for guidance. When the thought of getting a different vehicle came to mind I would pray. 

About 3 months later I noticed my neighbor had a truck in his driveway very similar to mine. I assumed he had traded his almost new, mid-size SUV for it. I called and stated had I known he was going to trade for a truck I would have traded with him. He said the truck I saw was his grandson's, that he still had his SUV in the garage and would consider trading!

Long story short, the vehicle I traded for was garage kept, 6 years newer, 7k higher book value, much lower mileage, gets around 8 MPG more, still under factory warranty and has a high-end bluetooth sound system! The best part? 
We traded even. All it cost me was the titling tax and transfer fee. 

I didn't pressure the man and he certainly isn't stupid. Explanation? "The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." (Proverbs 21:1).

This gift pales in comparison to the gift of eternal life and the many spiritual blessings I have received; the salvation of loved ones and friends and the changed lives but there's no doubt in my my mind it was a gift from God. I can't remember a day that has passed while driving without humbly saying: "Thank you LORD".

Grace, grace, God's grace.

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Mini Debbie A
Last year our daughter was going through a very bad divorce. She has 3 boys and her ex is not paying any child support. The car she had was in bad condition and she was getting my husband (her father) to repair it every other week! She tried to buy another car but her ex had ruined her credit. Everyone was praying that the Lord would help her. Praise God He did!

My sister had an SUV that she kept in her garage that was like new, with very low mileage. Anyway, she called me one day and said she had been thinking about our daughter and wanted to give her the SUV! She sold it to her for $ 1.00. It was the color my daughter wanted and had leather seats! No one can tell us that the Lord's hand wasn't in this and that He did not answer our prayers!

ROMANS: 11:36 " For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen."

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Mini ainsley chalmers Medical Research Scientist, devoted family man.
About 40 years ago when I was a new christian of about 6 months, a young person I knew was going to commit suicide. He had been on drugs and had a loaded 303 rifle in the back of his Ute. I prayed for him and his mother told me where he was. 

I shared with him the love of Christ and prayed desperately to God to do something quickly. In desperation I convinced him to come to an evening service at a Pentecostal church where I had heard there were miracles. Neither of us had ever been to this church (we were both Catholics) and we both slithered into the back row of the church quietly. There were about 1,000 folk there that night.

The minister got up and immediately on word of knowledge described this suicide-prone youth to a tee and added that the Lord wanted to set him free. We were the only 2 who went to the front for prayer (I to support him). The power of God was huge and I fell to the floor crying whilst the minister prayed for this youth. To cut a long story short he was set free and is full on for the Lord 40 odd years later.

I will never forget that night and continually thank and praise God for this incredible miracle. To Him be the glory.

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Town on fjord Janet Mars
My "miracle" was more one of providence, but I believe it was miraculous timing. 

First, for context, I have a friend who whenever she had a terrible migraine would pray and it would be lifted from her. She had other similar experiences, but I never did. I was brought up in a church that did not promote the belief that God cares about the little things nor that He is very involved in our day-to-day lives. So I did not often pray for such. 

Okay. With that background, I had been walking with my CD player (back in the day) in my neighborhood. I unexpectedly ran across a dead animal that was either the victim of animal cruelty or a serious coyote attack. I won't elaborate. Anyway, I was shocked and KNEW that the rest of the day that image would haunt me and possibly the rest of the week, month. I was crying. 

So I prayed in my heart, "God, you always hear and answer HER prayers for the little things. PLEASE, I am praying expecting an answer, like she says she always does. Please let me know that you are there, that you care for the animals, that you care for me." I walked about another block, still crying, when I found a CD on the ground in the gutter. It had been run over but was still whole. The title, handwritten on a probably bootleg copy, was "Breathe - Worship." 

I am now distracted from my thoughts. A little part of me said, "Well, put it in your player. Why not?" So I did. The first four songs were the kind of music I liked, were glorifying to Him, were uplifting. The CD played for the time it took me to finish walking home. Then, as I was approaching my driveway, the scratches caused the disk to stop playing. He saw me home, though, before it ended. 

I ended up buying my own copy of the CD on Amazon and play it to this day as a reminder of His providence, as, yes, I can imagine a kid walking home from school who dropped it. But it was God's providence in answer to a prayer I hadn't prayed yet. 

And I still have the scratched CD in my drawer as a reminder too. I have only, in the 14 years since, found two other CDs in the street. One was in pieces, the other was so scratched you could see the layers of the various material it was made from. 

TL/DR: God provided an almost immediate answer to a prayer from my heart for proof of his love and care by giving me, of all things, a worship CD to play as I walked away from a disturbing image.

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