What is the meaning of the two horns in Revelation 13:11?


Revelation 13:11

NASB - 11 Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
Horns on beasts generally refer to the authority and power of the beast to make and enforce laws, with punishments for those disobeying them. The two horns on the beast coming out of the earth would be two kings, if the analogy with the ten-horned beast is true.

The two horns would be separate peoples, as the ram with two horns in Dan 8:3-7 signified the Medes and Persians united to conquer Babylon.

Which peoples these are isn't clear from the scriptures. Since these events will take place in the end times, an example of the two separate people in the feet of Daniels great image might be useful. One was of clay and the other was of iron. 

The iron represents those who live according to the written scriptures. The clay would be those who live according only to what they see and hear (including miraculous events) which may also have been recorded previously by the media. 

For the first group nothing they see or hear contradicting the scriptures will ever be believed. For the second group, nothing written down by men in past generations need be believed without testing, preferably by scientific methods. Rather than living together in one country, these two groups seem to be permitted in the future to live in separate political jurisdictions. The corresponding ancient biblical dichotomy would be between the Jew and the Greek.

The false prophet coming from the second beast does many miracles which convinces the second group of his divine authority. The first group is swayed by his claims to fulfilling the scriptures and his facility in discussing theological issues. Although these two groups are temporarily united under the false prophet, they ultimately separate into their component parts at the time of Christ's second coming, and there will be little or nothing left of them.

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Mini Andre Crawford
To be honest with you my friend, the question is a lot bigger than it first appears...

To identify the horns on the land beast of Revelation 13 we should first identify who the beast is. As we are dealing with Bible prophecy the Bible must interpret itself. Therefore, a 'beast' in Bible prophecy equals a kingdom (Daniel 7:17)

The 2nd beast of Revelation 13 comes out of the land, why is this important? It is because the 1st beast comes out of the sea, and the Bible says that the sea represents 'people, multitudes, nations and tongues' (Reveltion 17:15)

1) It can be argued then that the 2nd beast or nation comes from an area where there is relative scarcity of people because it comes from the earth.

For the sake of shortness, there are other identifying pointers that help us identify who this second beast is and will thus help us understand what the two horns are...

1) Comes from the earth
2) Begins to come up as the 1st beast is going down
3) Two horns like a lamb
4) but....speaks like a dragon

The only nation on earth that fits this description given in Revelation 13:11 is the United States of America.

2) The Bible then says that the beast had 2 horns like a lamb. Horns denote power, strength, dominion etc

The two horns of the USA in its infancy are religious and civil liberty, republicanism and Protestantism, freedom from a pope and freedom from a King.

However, the text continues by saying that this nation will also speak as a dragon. The dragon according to Revelation 12:9-17 is a persecuting power.

There is a lot more to this answer but by the grace of God it will be brought out when more questions are asked.

God bless you

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Mini Andrew T
A big clue is in Rev 13:16-17 where those without the mark of the beast shall not buy or sell. A beast is a metaphor for a nation. Continuing with the metaphor interpretation, the mark on the forehead means values, and on the hand means actions. What other interpretations are there for not being able to buy or sell besides sanctions? Since these are the end times, this particular prophecy is being fulfilled.

Look at the US today. It imposes sanctions on nations and individuals that do not share its values (perverse values in the name of individual rights, fornication in the name of sexual liberation, abortions in the name of women rights). 

So, one conclusion is that the two horns are the Senate and the House of Representatives. Another is that they are the Democrats and Republicans.

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