What does the Bible say about what foods we should eat (kosher)? Are there foods a Christian should avoid?


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Mini Michael Harris

JESUS said : “ … My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness”. … 2 Cor. 12:9. NKJ.
I am (Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS) a vegan. I do not eat animal products. Romans 14:1-4 Romans 14:6-7 say I am weak in faith, this is why I do not kill and eat GOD’S very own Creatures/animals. Praise the GOOD Lord for my weakness. 'It dawns on me' – I am now 74 and over the past 38 years how many Creatures I have not killed (indirectly) to eat, or to 'hunt' (for 'sport'/food/fur and skin/s), or 'trapped' (directly) to 'get at their fur/s' - because I am weak. Praise the GOOD Lord.

“Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil. Romans 14 16 NIV.
“ … If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning”. Romans 14 : 23. NLT.
“Therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin”. James 4 : 17. NKJ.

For us Christians it is a choice whether to kill and eat Creatures, or not. The Bible does not 'command' 'followers' of JESUS to not do so. It is our choice - more so in 2014. GOD leaves it to 'man's' choice, as He does throughout the Bible. 'Man' always has a choice.

In 'the Garden of Eden' and in 'Heaven' man did not/will not kill or eat GOD's Creatures. It was after the 'fall' - Re the 'skins' that GOD made for Adam and Eve; the same with the 'meat' mentioned after the 'flood'. Prior to the 'fall' and 'in Heaven' - it was/is not so.

Then there are the terrible toxic poisons in fish and meat/chicken that are now being found by scientists. Google it dear Reader. I am no 'boffin', nor did I consciously choose to become a vegan for health reasons, but I have seen very disturbing reports on the damage done to our bodies and brains by these toxic poisons. 'Mad cow disease'; 'Ebola'; 'aids' are linked to eating Creatures/animals.

The meat, dairy, poultry and fish industries are draining our Planet Earth's resources. We Christians are faced with a moral, ethical, practical decision.

Daniel's story in the Bible is a wonderful example to all who want to eat a healthy diet. In chapter 1 Daniel refuses the rich food of King Nebuchadnezzar and proves that a vegan diet can result in a strong body and a powerful mind and intellect.

It is of interest to me that Jesus himself – at the Last Supper – made the choice of a vegan selection when he offered bread and wine (not lamb and wine) as the symbol of the sacrifice He was making for us and He then invited us to do the same.

Lord Bless, Michael

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Mini James Kraft

And yet, the Father of the prodical son had the fatted calf killed to rejoice in the fact that His son had returned. Nothing wrong with being a vegan as long as you do not make it your God.

August 29 2015 Report

Mini Marvin Reynolds

Definition of food not to be eaten is directed at Jews not Christian. The ONLY reason you avoid certain types of foods and drinks is when for example a Jew is eating with you. That issue was rasied to Peter in the book of Acts when he was about to visit a Military Leader of the Romans Empire. The fact that God present an image to him that said what God has stated as pure is not wrong stopped his rejection of going to the leader. Hence food is not bad just that which has not had blood removed and has become rotten...

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B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo

Mark 7:19 [Jesus speaking] "For it doesn't go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body." (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.)

I don't think it can get any clearer than this. Jesus Himself declared ALL foods clean, and it's stated plainly in this verse that Jesus made the declaration of freedom from having to keep the OT food requirements.

March 28 2016 Report

Mini Michael Harris

Dear Kelli, thank you; I see what you think. Do you think this was said by JESUS in the context of OT food requirements verses NT food requirements ? Do you agree that in my 'comment' which you clarify, there is ample further, other, Biblical reference, including to JESUS Himself, that makes it clear that it is our choice - to kill and eat GOD's very own Creatures/animals, or not to do so ? Do you agree, Biblically, that you and I have a personal choice ... to say YES, or to say NO ? Please clarify further. Thank you. Lord Bless, Michael.

March 28 2016 Report

B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo

Hi, Michael,

This passage is indeed attributed to Jesus, and as he was addressing the Pharisees and other hard-and-fast adherants to OT laws, I do believe that in this passage and others Jesus declared all animals "clean" in a spiritual sense. The purpose of keeping such food laws prior to Jesus' coming were first and foremost for consecration to God and holiness, and second, because (as modern science has shown) there are many good reasons from a health standpoint to avoid such foods. I, personally, still avoid many foods that were prohibited under OT laws because I know there are good nutirtional reasons to not eat them. But from a spiritual standpoint, Jesus set us free from the OT laws that prohibit human comsumption of formerly "unclean" animals.

I personally haven't come across anything in the scriptures that convince me Jesus had any inclination to impose further food laws upon us, nor laws that prohibit killing animals for food. Jesus never told us not to kill animals, and God okayed clean animals for human consumption from the time of Noah. I have found nowhere in the Bible where are we told that killing animals for food is sin, although I have found scriptures that encourage people to treat their "beasts" (pets or working animals) with kindness.

March 28 2016 Report

Mini Michael Harris

Dear Kelli, thank you for your further clarification/s. To sum up, can we agree :
1. It is a choice that JESUS leaves to you and I as ‘born again Christians’ - to kill and eat GOD’s very own Creatures/animals, or not. (It is Great that you do already avoid eating many foods, based on the Word of GOD). 2. Re Biblical verses previous quoted - 2 Cor. 12:9. NKJ; Romans 14 16 NIV. Romans 14 : 23. NLT. James 4 : 17. NKJ - it depends on your and my personal understanding of the Word of GOD, as read with our own personal consciences as ‘born again Christians, whether we should (continue to) kill and eat GOD’s very own Creatures/ animals, or not; with emphasis on the first and the last verses (2 Cor. 12:9. NKJ; James 4 : 17. NKJ). I thank the GOOD Lord JESUS for you Kelli, and for eBible. Thank you for your Good Work for JESUS. Lord Bless, Michael.

March 28 2016 Report

B8c746f3 63c7 43eb 9665 ef7fba8e191b Kelli Trujillo

Yes, we can agree, Michael. God bless you!

March 28 2016 Report

Mini Michael Harris

Dear Kelli, thank you for the discussion during which you clarified things for me regading this subject. It was great. Lord Bless, 'over and out', Michael.

March 28 2016 Report

Mini James Richardson

God's answer to the question is found in, Isaiah chapter 66 and verses 16, 17. This is at the time of the second coming of Christ. He, Christ, will be extremely mad at a certain group of people. Who are they? They are eating swine flesh, and the abomination in the shade of the trees. This sounds like a good old southern Babptis homecoming to me. We are to live by every word of God, all of the words concerning the foods we eat. No nation can be great
unless it's people are healthy, America is sick. Because we failed to accept God's law concerning the food we eat we are in a health care crisis that cannot be fixed.

August 23 2017 Report

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