How do the modern day Palestine and Israeli conflicts link to Hagar and Abraham's child, Ishmael?


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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
Although the Bible discusses Ishmael, acknowledging him as Abraham's son and recording God's promise to make him a great nation (Genesis 17:20, Genesis 21:19), it was through Isaac (according to the Bible) that God fulfilled His covenant promise to Abraham, particularly with respect to the Jews (as God's chosen people), and ultimately Jesus, being descended from Abraham through Isaac.

The Bible also indicates that God told Hagar (Ishmael's mother) that Ishmael's hand would be against everyone; that everyone's hand would be against him; and that he would live in hostility toward all his brothers (Genesis 16:12). 

Although Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet, they trace the lineage of Muhammad (whom they regard as the last and greatest of the prophets sent by God) to Abraham through Ishmael. Also, the Quran contains an account of some of the same events that the Bible attributes to Abraham and Isaac (such as God commanding Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice), except that (according to the Quran) it was Ishmael (rather than Isaac) whom Abraham was commanded to sacrifice. 

Thus, while I recognize that Ishmael may not be the lineal ancestor of the Palestinians, he is nevertheless (according to Islam itself) connected to Islam (and thus all Muslims) through Muhammad. In that respect, it would seem to me that the conflicts that Israel has experienced (and continues to experience) with the Islamic states and peoples of the Middle East (from whatever nation they may come, or wherever they may reside) are an ongoing fulfillment of the prophecy of antagonism between Ishmael's descendants and Isaac's descendants.

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Samuel mcquigg Samuel McQuigg
There is no link between Ishmael and the current conflict. He married an Egyptian woman and lived somewhere in the Arabian peninsula. (Genesis 21:21, Genesis 25:18) There is no association between him and the area of land now called Palestine. Palestine (Syria Palaestina) was a Roman province created by the Emperor Hadrian following a failed Jewish revolt and combined the provinces of Syria and Judea.

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