Are Christians promised success in life if we have faith and believe?


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Data Tabi Jozwick

Some people are successful because not only because of God, but also because they work hard to achieve that success. It's impossible to achieve success if one is not willing to work hard for it.

April 19 2016 Report

Mini vanessa pannuti

Success in life has many sides. I suppose a Christian could aim for success in bringing up a family or in an outreach ministry. Successful careers are usually difficult to achieve without compromise. Anything that is related to sales, business, enterprises, is quite compromising. Although some other careers such as teacher or writer should not be.

I think the key is to successfully implement one's Christian values in whatever situation we are in. So even if you find yourself financially blessed remember to use your blessing as a means to bless others.

I do not see any guarantee of wealth, but if you follow the Bible you will get wisdom and prudence to help you in your daily life and administration.

April 19 2016 Report

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