Why do some Christians feel that just "going to Church" is sufficient for their salvation?

I'm just wanting some insight into the reason that so many Christians ignore Jesus commands to "love one another" and to "feed MY sheep."  How can you claim to follow someone and not do the things that HE did, or at least try?  What makes a person think that just going to a building full of believers for worship, fellowship, and teaching will save them?  I mean, worship is essential, but what about fruit?  Am I wrong, or wasn't JESUS out helping those that needed it?  Maybe I'm just frustrated by the lack of LOVE I see given by my brothers and sisters... help me out!

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Stringio David Sutton

Going to church is one of the most politically incorrect statement out there. Jesus said where three or more are gathered in my name,that he would be in the mist. The church is not the building. Christian life is a daily walk. Me must know that as Christians the church presence must be seen in every day walks with The Lord.
So if you think just going to church is all that's necessary for salvation, read,read,read The Lord will shine the light that directs our paths

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