How has God helped you through trials?

What was a time when God helped you endure through a trial, such as persecution or hardship?

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Open uri20121219 28762 faykde Kimberly Bridges

With his hands on mine he has helped me care for my husbands elderly parents at home ! His dad has a trache and a feeding tube. I am not a nurse, but the knowledge and wisdom God has given me is amazing. When someone asks how I take care of two handicapped elders, I always acknowledge that through the wisdom and strength of our Father. It's become a second nature.

I feel God has chosen me to to do this so he can show me one of my purposes here on this earth. So When someone ask if I am a nurse, I must respond by saying "no I am not, but God has trained me and given me unbelievable strength and knowledge to help them and this family!"

It has strengthened my faith and trust, and taught me that no matter how old we are, our Father never lets us down and is always with us with giving guidance and support and wisdom. Our Holy Parent is always there, with his gentle voice and gentle hands, if we only acknowledge and listen to his voice within each of us. We just have to listen!

It's my honor to care for them and in a day when I am tired and weary I wake up the next day with brand new strength and gift from our Father!


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Mini vanessa pannuti

I've been so blessed to be born in a peaceful Christian state, but to be honest with you I notice the help of God on a daily basis.
Without His grace and mercy even the most common daily tasks that you take for granted because are so repetitive can become major hurdles and struggles.
I am in the process of moving house, you know that without God's help I cannot even board a bus, wheel a trolley, or cross the street safely. We need to pay more attention to notice His help. Quite often prayers are answered but we fail to understand the answers or notice them.

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Open uri20121219 28762 faykde Kimberly Bridges

Vanessa thanks for reading my message and journal! God Bless you and your physical struggles.

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