How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or hearing my own thoughts?


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Final avatar Bill Collier

It's simple read the Bible out loud then you're hearing God, after awhile you will be able to tell his voice from any other.

January 15 2014 Report

Stringio Gary Patton

You've gotten some good answers, readers.

A related point to best discern that it is Holy Spirit speaking to you, either from God's Word or directly to your spirit, is always to remember to recognize the difference between "conviction" and 'condemnation".

The first always will be from Holy Spirit, called "The Encourager" and our "Helper"in John 14:1-16:26.

The second always will be from the demonic or your flesh, your adversaries.

And please, don't worry!

Holy Spirit WILL ensure that you WILL know the difference.

Blessings all!

January 28 2014 Report

Mini Ranse Weatherford

The scriptures give us several keys.
1. love toward God must come first before love toward others. Mt. 22:37-49.
2. We know we are walking in love toward God when keeping his commandments comes naturally . (1 John 5:3)
3. Sin is defined as breaking God’s commandments and Jesus never broke one of them (1John 3:4-5).
4. We face a war within us ( a great tribulation) that is universal to all men. Paul constantly fought this battle (Romans 7)
5. Our inner man, the spirit, seeks to follow God’s will. It is the memory of sin within our soul that constantly draws us away from God’s will.
6. When we say that we don’t have to keep his will, we are operating through a carnal mind that brings death or separation from our awareness of God’s will (Romans 8:6-7)
7. We must allow Jesus to live through our soul just as he already lives in our spirit. (Galatians 2:20).

June 13 2020 Report

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