What is the significance of Solomon's Temple in Sao Paulo Brazil and is it a Christian place of worship?


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Mini Cindy Jennings Disciple
Just searching the internet for an answer, I find that this is an actual church that took four years to build. It's the church belonging to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. Apparently, this is an evangelical and Pentecostal church. If you simply Google on this church, you can find their statement of faith, which is Pentecostal in nature. Along with the normal Christians doctrines, they believe in the position of apostles and believe in faith healing.

They deliberately built the church as a model of Solomon's temple in the OT. However, the church is far larger than the specifications of Solomon's temple.

There is absolutely no biblical significance to this. When the "real" temple is rebuilt, it will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and nowhere else.

The church does not claim any biblical significance to its building. It's just a really large building that can seat up to 10,000 people.

Is it Christian? Yes, according to its statement of faith. Other than that, it's just a building, like any other church.

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Mini vanessa pannuti
The Temple is the headquarter of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God UCKG, a neo pentecostal Christian faction founded in 1977 by the Bishop E. Macedo in Brazil.

This group are aggressive proselytezers preaching a gospel of prosperity and financial wealth. They have been involved in many fraudulent activities.

They have 8 million followers mainly in Brazil, the States and London.
In London their affiliates were allegedly involved in the murder of Victoria Climbie a decade ago, using witchcraft to rid the child of demonic possession.

It is a fast growing congregation, with many preachers offering aggressive help through their health centers. Healing many emotional and financial problem. 

I personally think that this Christian cult is following non biblical doctrines and practices, they do have a very good scriptural knowledge but I sense a lack of understanding and a twisting of biblical truth when I talked to their members.

They are overly focused on idols like: money, career and financial wealth in the "here and now" but not concerned much about the life to come.

Below is more information of this building courtesy of the free encyclopedia. 

The temple was officially inaugurated on July 31st, 2014.The inauguration attracted thousands of worshipers including Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

The Temple serves as both a house of worship and as world headquarters for the Church. The mega-church seats 10,000 worshipers and stands 55 meters (180') tall, the height of an 18-story building.Its dimensions therefore far exceed the temple it replicates, described in the Bible as having the relatively modest height of some thirteen meters ("thirty cubits", 1 Kings 6:2).

The majority of the temple space is devoted to the main sanctuary. The sanctuary is lined with pews imported from Spain, which face the main altar.The sanctuary has a conveyor belt system designed to carry tithes and offerings from the altar directly into a safe room. The main ceiling is adorned with 10,000 LED light bulbs which will form different patterns designed to look like stars. Keeping with the Jewish theme of the temple, the walls are adorned with menorahs, and the entrance features a large central menorah.

The church spared no expense in designing the many other features of the temple. Aside from the main sanctuary, the temple also has 36 rooms for children's Bible school, with a capacity of about 1,300 children, radio and television studios, a museum about the original temple, and 84 apartments of differing sizes for bishops and pastors of the church. The 11-story complex includes outdoor features such as a helicopter landing pad, a garden of olive trees based on the Garden of Gethsemane near Jerusalem, and flags of several countries There is a parking lot able to accommodate 1,000 vehicles and 50 buses, classrooms for 1,300 children, and radio and television studios inside the building.
One of the most prominent features of the temple is its large central altar. It features an exact replica of the Ark of the Covenant, built to the specifications described in the Book of Exodus. The structure is entirely covered in gold leaf. Behind the ark is the temple's baptistry, above the altar is 100 square meters of gold stained glass windows, and an inscription "Holiness to the Lord"

The temple construction cost $300m, it takes up an entire city block, and 24 properties had to be purchased in order to create the space to build it.]
Construction on the temple used 28,000 cubic meters of concrete and two tons of steel. The church also contracted to import $8m worth of Jerusalem stone from Israel. The stone was used to cover the central pillars of the temple, the entrance, and the center aisle. Macedo told the Guardian that "We have signed the contract and commissioned the stones that will come from Jerusalem, just like the ones that were used to build the temple in Israel; stones that were witnesses to the powers of God, 2,000 [years] ago.

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