When a married couple is fasting, is it a sin to make love?


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Fasting is a spiritual exercise while sex is body exercise. But the Bible has told us the body always WAR against the spirit. If one does not a task and what it entails why deceive yourself with it.

Fasting is denying your body of the normal pleasure so as to attain certain SPIRITUAL growth. Apostle Paul said on no account should any of the partners deny each other sexual pleasure but he said too that couple should leave out sex during FASTING on agreement. Satan can tempt one of them or both because of their lack of self-control. (1 Cor. 7:6)

The only reason while it is advised those who fast should eat in course of the exercise is to remain alive. So tell me when you deny yourself food which helps to keep yourself alive OR is it sex that you cannot live without, it simply means you choice of preference God or the world.

In my opinion, it is a great blessing if both husband and wife deprive food and sex praying together in ONE mind, one body and our soul. But it is hard to find these days...

✿ Mrs. Job asked Mr. Job to curse God to die (Job 2:9)
✿ Mrs. David (Michal the daughter of Saul) despised David as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovered himself and danced before the Lord.(2 Samuel 6:20) 
✿ Mrs. Ananias plot to deceive God with her husband Mr. Ananias but failed
✿ Mrs. Eve deceived Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.

Based on above Bible verses, we should give God the first place as a husband and wife -- NOT for (sexual indulgence) or passions of our life

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Fasting and abstention from sexual activity are both valid means of exercising physical and spiritual discipline. However, they also both have their limitations. The body still requires a minimum amount of nourishment over time for health and survival. And the Bible itself advises Christian spouses to refrain from sexual activity for purposes of devoting themselves to prayer only by mutual agreement and for a specified period of time, so that they will not be subject to temptation and possible loss of self-control (1 Corinthians 7:5).

Also, I am not aware of any Biblical guidance that necessarily links fasting with abstention from sexual activity, or says that one must do both at the same time. (There were cases where specific commands were given either to fast or abstain from sexual relations in connection with a specific event, but not combining the two as a general requirement for all times.)

In my opinion, it would depend on what the couple has agreed to and is mutually comfortable with. Whatever course of action they choose, it should not be imposed unilaterally by one party on the other, but should only be by the consent of both. If a married couple were fasting, it would not (in my view) be a sin for them to engage in sex, unless it violated a vow or agreement concerning sex between both partners or between the couple and God.

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