Who is Joseph Prince and does he teach the true gospel message?


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Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

I have listened to a few sermons by Joseph Prince and seen him a couple of times on TV. He is very knowledgeable of scripture, and his presentation of the gospel message (faith in Christ) is sound.

That said, like any Bible teacher, not everything he teaches is automatically true, and should always be tested against scripture. While the sermons I have heard from him were very good, his website puts forth the teaching that Jesus' stripes should 'physically heal' us in the here and now on Earth. That teaching is incorrect {albeit it is not a salvation issue}. S. Michael Houdmann has an excellent answer under https://ebible.com/questions/351-what-does-it-mean-that-by-his-stripes-we-are-healed as to what it means Biblically that by Jesus' stripes we are healed.

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Mini vanessa pannuti

I agree with Jennifer, sometimes I watched him on TV. It is very common to teach that Jesus stripes refer to healing our health. I supported Gospel for Asia and they teach the same: that because Jesus bore our infirmities us Christians should not need to suffer from diseases (e.g. HIV) because by His stripes we are healed. I strongly agree that who has the absolute power over our state of health is God, it is the truth; but we are perishable, ageing flesh subject to wear and tear and illnesses. Sickness is not always a result of sin. Some notorious unbelievers enjoy a long healthy life. Jesus bore our spiritual infirmities and His stripes healed our spirit, He died to save the immortal soul, overcome death, pay the penalty for our disobedience. The flesh in the here and now on earth profits nothing , I don't think His sacrifice was necessary to heal bad health. I personally see this healing teaching as a mean to win followers and supporters, and perceive it as a deceptive twist of the truth.

January 26 2016 Report

Data Laura Nichols

I love Joesph Prince's messages. He shows the love and grace that Jesus had/has for us. Joesph brings the love, compassion, and the open arm approach of Jesus to light. Sermons and stories I have been taught or listened to growing up in Church, according to the church always had the 'you have to do this, that, and another to go to heaven'. Joesph preaches that Jesus and our Father God Almighty, love all of us no matter what. It is accepted the love of God, and the acceptance of Jesus that we are saved by His grace, not ours.
I do wonder why anybody would not believe that we (as Believers) are not to be healed. While Jesus was walking this earth, it is written He healed them all. Several times that is written, and it was multitudes. He healed all manners of diseases, sickness, and infirmities. The woman with the issue of blood, leprosy, blindness, fevers, palsy, the lame, the crippled, the broken-hearted, the demon possessed and rose the dead. If Jesus did that while he walked the earth, why wouldn't He do it now? The Bible states by His stripes we are healed. I personally include myself in the "we" of that verse. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I also wonder why anyone would not believe that God would not want them healed. Sick people cannot not spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Sick people normally stay at home. May God bless and heal us all.

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