Why did God choose to speak creation into existence rather than making it some other way?

Is there a particular reason or purpose for Him using words rather than some other means to create everything?

Genesis 1:3

NLT - 3 Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
John 1:1 says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God," and also that "[a]ll things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made." (John 1:3) In my opinion, words were how God chose to create the universe because He in His foreknowledge knew that it would also be through words that He would communicate with humanity, and that it would be through the incarnation of the Word who was God that He would provide the fullest revelation of Himself and make humanity's salvation possible.

God speaking the universe into existence (rather than actively constructing it) also serves to indicate that it would not be through works of man or actions/signs from God that humanity was to be saved, but by the faith that would come through the words of preaching. As the Bible says, "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17), not by any act or work that we can or must do in order to be saved.

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Mini Kenneth Heck
Since God is called the king of the earth (Psalm 47.7), he needs only to speak the word to accomplish any of his objectives. This is the prerogative of any true king. 

Actually, any major project, especially of man, will always have a verbal description, or written document, so that no confusion need occur about the nature of the project. The spoken word of God thus satisfies the need for true clarity about the nature of his creation.

The bible does not describe the activities occurring immediately after the word is spoken by God, but no verse states that an instantaneous reaction or response happens, so that creation issues forth fully developed in a manner of seconds or minutes. 

The subsequent activities may include angelic participation (Job 38:7), and God's participation as well, such as in the fourth, fifth, and sixth days of creation.

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Dq 3 Don Quinn Maintenance Man at a senior apartment building.
It's hard for me to now sound a bit on the flippant side and just say that GOD did what only GOD can do and if he wanted to create the world in that manner so be it. If you look at Genesis 1 the entire chapter you can see that GOD showed us that he could do what man will never do. Yes its simple to say GOD can do what he wants because he is GOD, but you have to look at the entire creation process. Understand that HE did all this from nothing by just speaking it it was. No man could do that or even begin to think about doing this. That is what makes GOD - GOD. All that we do is done through the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit. All of the things that man has invented or made were all from something. But only GOD could just speak and make it so. 

Not to take anything from Jesus when on many occasion he was told to just speak the words and the people knew it would be done. Yes I know he is GOD in the Flesh and that is the difference. He was in the flesh and did restrain from giving the appearance that men could do what he could. If you think about it when miracles did happen Jesus often said your faith has made you whole or to the effect that it all was made possible by HE who created it all. 

Yes GOD did what only he could do and and in doing this we have a lesson to understand. We should always be humble and give praises to GOD for allowing us to share in his CREATION.

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