Why does God require faith?


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1385395570 Rev. Calvin Banks

Perhaps another way to view the question and to understand the will of God is to ask; why is faith necessary? And the easy answer would be that faith is necessary in order for us to know God.

February 11 2014 Report

Mini steven h

We don't have to look at the scriptures to have faith in God just look outside.
The wind blows you feel it but you can't see it, it cleans as it goes. Trees give out oxygen so we can live, you don't see it but without it you would die.
The sun rises every morning to give us light we can take it in or stay away from it. The rain comes to feed the creation so they may grow, and to cleanse to separate the good from the dirt, without it everything would die.
God provides us with all these things so we may live yet we question him.

November 11 2014 Report

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