Why do Christians try to impose their values on others?


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Belfastfella Casper Mcconnell

Would you say that its only Christians who want others to think like them, or is it a broken self-love in all men to want to have others conform to our way of thinking?

Francis Schaeffer used to say we had no right to make other people doubt their position or disturb their often tenuous peace of mind. He taught that people who did not know Father God generally hope that He is there and is knowable.... in denial or rebellion, but insist on taking comfort in the benefits of Creator God who gives meaning to love, personhood, creativity and communication.

As Christians we are instructed to bring the good news to all men that Father God wants to speak with us, has forgiven our sin, wants us back in His arms. And if they will not, Schaeffer taught that we must point out in love that they have no moral or intellectual basis for hope of redemption, or believe in goodness. With tears we must point out that they hold comfort zones in their lives that are Judeo-Christian consequences of there being a righteous but loving creator, all aspects of His character (justice joy love forgiveness etc).

Why disturb anyone's peace of mind? Because they are sleep walking into perdition. They do not realise that they need safe from a horrible end. Rescue the perishing, leave our age and comfortable church and go out into the night to find those who aren"t saved.

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I have a different perception on this topic. I started out as a child in a Baptist church and later moved to a non denominational church where the pastor once said 'you will only be exposed to the truth once in life, it's up to you if you will listen'. As an adolescent I took that to mean that since I had been exposed to Christianity my whole life maybe there was something else out there that was more true or right. I later was exposed to a group that studied other religions and really seemed to love people. They had the same general values that I grew up with such as 'you treat people how you want to be treated' etc. At that point I had walked away from Christianity. Then I truly began to see how 'annoying' so called Christians were. I could be enjoying a peaceful day in the park and be randomly ambushed by strangers trying to shove their beliefs down my throat. It was really disturbing. Until that point I had never paid it any attention.

It was after about 6-7 years that I met my husband who was also raised in a Baptist church (ironically with the same name as the church I used to attend). I had considered him to be spoiled by God because he seems to get everything he asks for. It was God who brought us together and I now share the Good News but not in an overbearing way. I know how it feels when people are forceful with their beliefs. The Bible speaks against that. I simply relate to others and share my testimony. I have always loved people and will continue to do so.

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