Why are all Christians hypocrites? Are all Christians hypocrites?


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I agree with Michael, but I also must add the fact that many so called Christians who go to church, are not Christians at all. This pseudo-Christian life leads to the hypocritical lifestyle that the world observes. When the world sees the "Christian" go to bars, movies and sun tan on the beach in dental floss, they see us saying one thing and doing another.

The bride of Christ was called to separate themselves from the world, to shun the delicacies that so easily beset us and turn our backs from that which can lead astray.

The world should see the Sermon on the Mount in living color in our lives. They usually only see two-facedness...and that's because those who call themselves Christians, are not saved, do not have a distaste for sin and still have an unregenerate heart. If the pipes haven't been cleaned out, then the same sludge will still keep coming up.

This is why the world sees so much hypocrisy in my opinion.

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Open uri20160325 3068 12v6y4a Rick Fiedler

Given the fact that an overwhelming percentage of evangelical Christians voted for a man that is 100% opposite of everything that Christ espoused i believe that would be a pretty good indicator of hypocrisy. To the outside world it is a confirmation of their views of Christians as being total hypocrites and rightfully so.

May 18 2017 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

It is true that there were many U.S. Christians who voted for a man who, during the primary, denied the very core of Christianity in advocating a works-based salvation wherein he needed no forgiveness when there were other candidates who clearly advocated that Jesus was the only way of salvation. Voting for Trump during the primary did carry with it some appearance of hypocrisy, as he fits many of the marks of the 'wicked' and 'the fool' in Proverbs and other scripture, rather than the marks of a wise leader.

However, this was fortunately not 'the majority of evangelicals.' Remember, less than 10% of eligible-to-vote citizens actually voted for Trump in the primary.

And even in the general, where Christians faced a harder dilemma, Trump did not have the support of the 'majority' of evangelicals.

However, Christians voting for Trump in the general had a very different dilemma. Should they vote for an unashamed supporter of murder who was riddled with scandals and known felonies? Or should they vote for someone who at least claimed to support life, but was in many ways untrustworthy with a checkered past? Neither? No choice clearly represented 'hypocrisy' in that case.


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Open uri20160325 3068 12v6y4a Rick Fiedler

81% of white evangelicals who went to the polls voted for Trump, a huge majority of those who did vote. That is undeniable. Your characterization of the other candidate leaves much to be desired.

May 18 2017 Report

Data Danny Hickman

Who we vote for is far from an indicator of whether we are "christians" or not. I think I understand why people will vote for who they vote for. I don't understand how Mr Paul Bayne and others can determine who is saved and who isn't. It seems people like this think those who go to the movies, the beach, and to bars couldn't possibly believe that Jesus died for their sins, was raised to life, and has given them new life. I don't think going to the beach can make Jesus change His mind about the people He gave His life to save.

Now the hypocrisy: a hypocrite is one who, (according to dictionary.com) "pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she doesn't have."

A person who is saved and goes to the movies or wears a bikini at the beach isn't "pretending" to be or have anything. The person who doesn't go to movies and the beach "might" not, in order to pretend they have virtues that they don't truly have. God, who knows our hearts, is the only One who knows. (See 1 Jn 3:20).

I'm a believer. A christian is a person who subscribes to the christian religion. I don't. I believe the teachings of scripture, and Jesus said they speak of Him. (Jn 5:39)

I suggest this "Christian test" for non- hypocrites:
1) turn the other cheek?
2) love for enemies?
3) judging others?
4) treasures- laid up where?
5) eye for eye? Revenge?
6) lawsuit- shirt, cloak also?
7) give to needy-- IN SECRET?

I don't claim success over any if this, I'm no "pretender."(hypocrite) What about you?

May 18 2019 Report

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