What is the origin of the different ethnicities among the human race?


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Mini Brian Ansell

If am and Eve were the first two peoole as many claim then everyone on earth shares their genes, one race, one ethnicity, one gene pool!

April 17 2018 Report

Mini Patricia Robinson

Yahveh God made Adam from the soil of the earth. I pointed out, to my son, that soil comes in different colors, sometimes depending on how deep one digs. I showed him, that in our yard, we have black, red, various browns and white soil. Since Yahveh scooped up enough soil to form a man at least 5 to 6 feet tall and at least 18 inches thick, I would image Abba scooped up various colors of soil. As a result, Adam, then Eve, had it within their DNA to create various shades.

January 26 2019 Report

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