Why do Catholics emphasize Mary's role more than the Bible does?

For example, nowhere in scripture is she referred to as mother of the church and nowhere are we told it is ok to pray to anyone other than the Father or the Son. Praying to Mary, or anyone else, is not scriptural. It is mentioned only in the Catechism, which is a manmade doctrine. 

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Mini Matilda Reich

I was raised a Catholic and found that Jesus is definitely downplayed in Catholicsm. After very belatedly reading the New Testament I was shocked at how little I knew about Jesus. I recently went to a catholic mass and was shocked how statues of saints were large but the one statue of the crucified Jesus was narrow and the figure of Jesus looked shrivelled like a sun-dried tomato. I also noticed the practice of communion had degraded as well. The priest blessed some with a sign he made on their forehead but not to others. I have not seen this before. When I was a child the priest would raise the wafer disc and say to the person "Body of Christ" and he would place it on the tongue and the person would reply "Amen". In this church today, the priest broke a large piece of wafer into little pieces and gave half the communion to be performed by a high school girl who would hold up the wafer like a dog biscuit. But what I found concerning is that the priest would bless some but not others. Why?

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