How can I explain to one who Satan is? What points can I use to explain to one how bad Satan is?


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Data Ursula S Monroe
The first verses used to describe the fall of Satan that I can refer to are in Isaiah 14:12-16. Here he is referring to the Angel of dawn whom biblical scholars say refer to Satan. Throughout scripture we have reference to his characteristics too. For example in Genesis in the Garden of Eden he transforms himself into a snake and convinces Eve and Adam to defy the Lord by telling them it would make them as wise as the Lord. Preying on their eagerness to please the Lord! 

At the temptation of Jesus he comes at his weakest moment (after he had fasted for 40 days) to tempt him with power over the world. Trying to tempt him as he, Satan, was to be as powerful as the Lord his father.

On a more broader spectrum we need only to look at our lives and those of world to see the result of his work; wars, broken families, abused children, cheating, greed, suppression, etc. All this to destroy what the Lord seeks and to keep our minds and hearts occupied so that we don't dwell on the Word of God! Evil is just one of his characteristics one could say but really the top one, eh?

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Mini Tim Maas Retired Quality Assurance Specialist with the U.S. Army
To me, you can start with any day's news with regard to all the unspeakable crimes and atrocities that people commit against each other on a routine basis (not to mention historical events on a global scale, such as the tens of millions who have died at the hands of totalitarian regimes in war or in systematic exterminations such as the Holocaust). Or, if you want to appeal to a specific individual more directly, you could just ask them to conceive of the greatest possible evil that they can imagine -- whatever that would be to them personally.

Then make the point that Satan is ultimately responsible for every one of those, since it was his role in causing all humanity to become corrupted by sin that led to all of them.

Not only that, but Satan laughs at such evil and the pain and sorrow that it causes, and actually even rejoices in it, since (even though he knows that he will ultimately be defeated and destroyed) he wants until then to keep as many people as possible from receiving the salvation that God offers in Christ -- a salvation that he himself will never experience.

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