How can I explain to one who God is? What points can I use to make one come to the knowledge of the existance of God?


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9aa51e4b447252291b959c696fb96539 400x400 Jeremiah Kaaya Pastor at Springs of Power Church, Teacher by professional
There is much about God. Yet what is manifest to us is the least. But there is hardly space here even to say the least that is manifest to us. 

Moses wrote that the secret things belong to the Lord (Deut 29:29). And only what is revealed to us is enough for us not to be oblivious of who God is. Even in the literal world, not everybody is to know everything. For example, there are matters which are to be known to husband and wife and not to the children (basing on the hierarchy and the given reasons for such a scenario). 

Jesus admonished the disciples that He had a lot to tell them, but it wasn't the time to do so because they wouldn't bear it (John 16:12). Paul wrote that we only know in bits. That we don't have the full knowledge because it is not yet time to know all, but when the right time comes, we will then know everything (1Cor 13:9-10). Additionally, no human has what it takes to know all.

Amongst the many things scripture tells us about God are the few following;

God is Spirit (John 4:24)
God is eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27).
God is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 1:8, 1:17, 21:6-7, 22:13), (Isaiah 44:6, 48:12).
God is the Supreme Being. He (God) is the sole giver of all life to everything (Numbers 16:22, 27:16), (Jeremiah 32:27).
God is Omnipresent (Psalms 139:7-12).
God is Omniscient (Isaiah 48:3)
God is Omnipotent (Matt 28:18).
God is sovereign (Deuteronomy 3:24)
God is faithful (Numbers 23:19), (Deuteronomy 10:17).
God is one (Deuteronomy 6:4-5), (2Samuel 22:32-34).
God is merciful (Deuteronomy 4:31).

But then, all the above is only palatable to a convert (Believer). Yet in the mundane journeys, we meet all sorts of people who could include the converted and we readily rhyme in faith (Believers). We also meet the semi committed ones (they do not deny that God is, neither do they wholly commit their lives to Him) (and such individuals are only Believers at their own convenience). And the worst of all are the Atheists. On this then, how we handle will depend on who we may have met. And the efforts applied when talking to one of them will differ. For example, an Atheist will require more elaborations than any other. Well, I seek that we take the extreme (the Atheists).

God is the Creator of anything and everything (Genesis 1:1), (Isaiah 40:28, 45:7), (Nehemiah 9:6). That is; if God is not, then nothing is. One may choose to live in denial but no one can do more than that. I call it simple denial because if it wasn't, then humans would dictate anything and everything. The fact that a lot is beyond what we know and can do tells that it is to someone well above. Say for example, who takes away your breath?

If God is our Creator, who then is the Creator of God?
It should not be up to us to ask such a question. For even if we ask, we would not get the answer we are craving for. And we don't need to ask this question because there is already enough for us to know God is. For whether you dispute the Judge's powers or not, if he does pass the judgment, it will stand anyway. 

The way to know God.
In the Old Testament times, God revealed Himself to individuals in various ways (Genesis 18:1-2), (Exodus 17:6, 40:36), (Numbers 9:17, 9:22, 20:11). But in the New Testament times, God has revealed Himself to us all by sending His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Mediator between man and God (1Tim 2:5). For Jesus attests that He had come from heaven and for anything and everything we love to know about God, then we should look to Him (John 8:23, 14:8-11). That to have accepted Christ is to have chosen the right and correct way to come to the knowledge of not only knowing God is, but to come to the knowledge of all the truth.

May be no one would dispute the existence of God, but the devil's first project was to destroy communication between man and God. Thus Jesus came to restore that communication by showing us the way which is only but in Him (John 14:6).

If you have belongings, and you do not belong somewhere?

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Mini Billy P Eldred
There is no better witness you can offer someone you know than your own personal testimony of how you came to Christ. Why you believe! 

That being said, if you want additional ammunition, I suggest you read the book "The Signature of God" by Grant Jeffries which will give you a wealth of information to show the validity of the Bible. From there, the "Roman Road", easily found online, is a wonderful witnessing tool.

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