How can I rebuild a relationship with a family member that has been distant due to my faith?

I have many family members who are distant from me because I'm a Christian and they disapprove. What steps can I take to rebuild our relationship?

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Mini Linda Zwick

Oh how I yearn for the answer to this question! I am experiencing the same issue with my first born child. Although she has broken communication with me, my last to her was that I will never stop loving her nor will I stop praying for her. I encourage you to do the same. I struggle with letting go but I trust Him.

June 23 2015 Report

Sexycecily Cecily Bornemann

I would love to know as well because my sister is a lesbian turned Transgender and my faith in Jesus Christ and my viewpoints of her chosen lifestyle has created a division between her and I. I'm very vocal about how I feel about homosexuality and the Transgender lifestyle because they are out of God's Will for her life. All I know how to do is pray for her. Good luck. Praying.

June 24 2015 Report

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