Is it wrong to be angry with God?


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Shea S. Michael Houdmann Supporter Got Questions Ministries
Being angry at God is something that many people, both believers and unbelievers, have wrestled with throughout time. When something tragic happens in our lives, we ask God the question, "Why?" bec...

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Mini Jean Email Believer
Answering this question not as a teacher but from personal experience, I never hide my emotions from the LORD. That is the advantage of having a personal relationship with Christ. I remember some years ago I once didn't speak to the Lord properly for 3 years because of a massive crisis that had happened and somehow I blamed God for allowing it to happen. What ended my stupidity was a man I do not know and who knew nothing about my life came up to me and he said he saw a vision of Jesus stretching out His arms to me and in the vision I had my head turned away and was refusing His outstretched arms. He told me that Jesus is going to remain there with those arms stretched towards me because He wants to comfort me but I won't let Him. That prophetic word changed my attitude towards God and I still repent and ask God for forgiveness about that time in my life. I should have been truthful about my feelings but instead of turning away, I should have run to Him.

I remember when I read 'Heaven is for Real', where this pastor's son was in the emergency room and they thought he would die. I remember that the pastor talked about how in prayer, he raged at God and asked Him, "is this how you treat people who work for you?". At that same time, the son, who had died and was in heaven says Jesus told him that he has to send him back because his father was praying for him.

My point is, have a real relationship with God. If you are angry, feel free to tell him so. He's a big God; He can take it! Be honest about how you feel; we are now heirs to the kingdom and He understands this fallen world we are in as well as human emotions. Just don't run from Him. Even if you are angry, be truthful because God is not an idol that is paid lip service; but continue to walk with Him in faith that He will help you resolve whatever it is that is troubling you.

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Me Lynda Hickman Homemaker, plumber, carpenter, all around gearhead
When on Jan. 20, 2015, my beloved husband left his mortal body & took up residence in heaven, I was devastated.
Even though this event was expected, I felt great sorrow. 

But the LORD had been so gracious to us during his cancer battle by giving us so many wonderful days that I could not have been angry at GOD. He had proved to us that His grace was sufficient.

In the weeks before that "glad" morning, I had been directed to Samuel 12, and read over & over the verses about David.
I realized the value of those Scriptures even as we continued to pray for what we called a last minute reprieve. 

In my own prayers I noticed that I was often reminded of His Word in Romans 5:3-5, that told us that we are to glory in tribulations, "knowing that tribulation produces perseverance" which in turn produces character & hope. 

And that admonition is repeated in James 1:2-4 as the Holy Spirit directed dear James to write, "count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have it's perfect work, that you may be prefect & complete. Lacking nothing."

As followers of Christ we should all desire to be perfect. And if that perfection comes only by way of trials & tribulations, then as we are directed to do, we should glory in them, rejoice in them. And do notice the word "in." Both Scriptures use the same preposition, not the words "because of."

Rejoicing "in" trials or tribulations, that is, in the midst of pressures, afflictions, distresses, even adversity, is not rejoicing "because" of them.
We know that all those hardships come from the enemy. 
In James, the words "fall into" mean to be "encompassed by", that is surrounded, inundated, tethered to & wrapped up in.

And nothing in this life can do all of that to someone more than the physical death of one who is dearly loved.

Remember too, that trials can often lead us to sin. In the wilderness, as the Israelites grumbled against Moses & GOD, that grumbling was sin. Anything that is not of faith is sin. Rom 14:23

If in the midst of those trials & tribulations, if we grumble at GOD, holding Him accountable for the adversities or afflictions, we are not walking in faith, therefore we are in sin.

I admit that even now I struggle somewhat in the absence of my husband, but if in the midst of all the trials & tribulation, as we walked through the distresses that came as the result of that dreaded disease, if patience & perseverance was being produced in me, then I rejoice in those terrible days. The LORD must have a plan for me that will require extra patience & endurance.

And I wait patiently for Him to show me what to do next!

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Data Miracle Ajuyah
There was a time I was very angry with God. That was because I was going through a very tipping point in my life. The troubles was too much and that day, coming from the hospital with a very devastating result made me angry towards God. 

In the mist of my anger, my soul only know one thing, that at that moment, it makes no sense to me that God will allow such things to happen to me, yet after searching within my heart, it still remains thst God is the only thing that makes sense. I could not understand why? And I lost my zeal with my relationship with God. 

But constantly in my sub conscious mind, I have this feeling that God is not happy with me for forsaking His Love. I believe that He did not bring me this far for me to give in to worldly pressure. 

I begged for His forgiveness everyday and hope that He will forgive me. I am still going through very hard times, in fact right now is the most difficult time of my life, but I count it all joy now, knowing how big my God is. He is bigger than any questions I have, bigger than any mountain, He is bigger than any trouble I'm facing. He said in His Words in Romans 8:28 that all things works together for our good, those who are called according to His purpose. 
I chose to believe God than my circumstance. It is very difficult but very doable with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Yes, it is wrong to be angry with God, rather deepen your relationship more with God in the mist of all the chaos. I will rather run to God than be angry with Him. 

God's Word in James 1:13 helps to give perspective in times of trials. "Let no one say he is tempted with evil by God, Our loving God cannot tempt us with evil" Him alone is God, Him alone is perfect and Him alone is ABSOLUTE.

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Data David Huffman
This response will be more philosophical than some but I believe it to be biblically coherent. 

Anger is an emotional response to a circumstance or set of circumstances. It may be either righteous indignation, or stewing in negative thought, or out of control rage, or full blown evil. Anger always has an object at which it is directed. It can be person/God, place, or thing.

God also gets angry and is a jealous God. He flooded the earth to wipe out the perversion of man. Yet, it was righteous anger.

Anyone is capable of anger and anyone can have displaced anger toward God because they project it toward God (See Gen. 3:12). From the beginning man tried to blame God or anyone but himself for his plight. Many Christians have become disillusioned about God through their anger and may turn their gaze from Him. This of course can cause the anger to fester. Therefore, the apostle Paul admonishes believers as follows: Ephesians 4:26 English Standard Version 
26 Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,
So anger in any direction is not to be dwelt upon. 

Initial anger with God is misdirected not wrong per se because in its eruption there is usually a failure to assess the circumstances and their implications, I lost my father at age 5 and was angry with God for a lot of years, eventually leading me to an atheistic worldview. I was done with God but He was not done with me PTL. 

The difference between the status of unbelievers and a Christian is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Unbelievers in simple terms, do not know or accept Jesus as their Savior. The unbeliever may or may not acknowledge the existence of God, and profess anger at God or profane his name. But that is not the point of issue for them. The greater need is Christ's salvation.

The atheist is a bit different as they may seem to be the most angry about God. A more consistent analysis may be that they are angry about the idea of God. There are any number of life experiences that may affect their thinking, but if they are angry at God it is not the primary concern as their is still mercy from a good and benevolent God. 

When is it wrong/sin to be angry at God? I think we can safely say that when your anger or mine cause us to harden our heart against God and His Holy Spirit and rebel to pursue other sinful behaviors. 

It is important to know that you can come back to God from this state of being if you yield to the Spirit's leading.

As we are made in the image of God, He gave us our emotions and they reflect who He is, including but not limited to, anger. He also made provision for dealing with those emotions properly. Essentially, through prayer and meditation on His Word. 

Lastly, God desires our praise and adoration; essentially worship. That is the ideal attitude we ought to have. If our anger causes a break in that attitude then we are wrong headed, or if you prefer, headed in the wrong direction. But the label is insignificant. It is the condition that must be dealt with through Jesus Christ. What have we experienced that He has not also endured and more? How then can we be angry at Him? Respectfully submitted.

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