Is it bad to reminisce on memories?

Almost everyday I listen to music to remind me of my past. to remind me of all the memories I have. Not bad things or sinful things, just great and happy moments in my life.

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1608328280.3226352 Sharon Ray

I had to quit listening to old good songs. I use to drink a lot, so partying was fun to me. I know it depends on the person too. Old country songs put thoughts of taking a drink again and have fun!! ( I know it's the adversary tempting me!) I love the new contemporary christian artists. I can praise and worship God while listening. Songs like from when i was 10, (lSnowbird) by Anne Murray, make me smile. Reminds me of my Mom. Music can sure make or break moods. But now I have Jesus in my life so I know, "Greater is he that is in me, than he who is in the world!"

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Mini vanessa pannuti

I personally think what can make it a negative experience to remember is the quality of the memory.
If you remember a wrong suffered and you plan to take revenge is obviously bad.
Or if you remember abusive situations can be negative for the whole of your daily life.

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