Where was Joseph when Jesus was an adult?


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Mini Cheryl Loraditch

Joseph was dead. We know this because when Jesus was dying he made a point of putting John as cartaker over his mom, Mary. If Joseph was around that would not be needed.

January 15 2015 Report

Data Danny Hickman

We don't know that Joseph was dead. We THINK he wasn't around, but we don't know. If God wanted us to know what happened with Joseph He would have told us. I think the fact that we're not told is somewhat of a clue to what we're being told. I think it says that 'what happened to Joseph after Jesus was twelve years old (Lk 2:42) is not important to us.' That was the last we heard of Joseph.The story of Jesus isn't a soap opera....

What happened to Peter's wife and mother-in-law? (Mt 8:14) What happened to Judas's father Simon? (Jn 13:2,13:26) They were part of the story but that's all. The same is true for Joseph.

August 25 2019 Report

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