Why are the Bibles on this site different than the printed versions?

Why is it that the Bibles on this site do  not have the verses where Jesus is speaking typed in red? It makes it MUCH easier to read, and reference when Jesus is speaking, if it is done in such a manner. 

Also, I have come across many instances where a part of the God Head is being referenced, and it is not capitalized. I was under the impression that ANY time that God is mentioned, no matter if it's mentioning our Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, that it should be capitalized. 

I believe that these things should not only be standards out of respect for God (no matter what part of the God Head), but that they are helpful tools when studying the Bible as well.  
It would be really helpful if these issues could be addressed. I love the reading plans, and the articles, and the study tools, but it would be awesome if these things were added!!! 

Matthew 1:1

ESV - 1 The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

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1432567874 Bridget Casey

I TRULY appreciate your insight into, & surrounding my question Galen. I appreciate ANYTHING that can help me to better understand & learn God's Word.

I am most definitely NOT one of those Christians that those refer to as "red letter Christians". I am grateful for your response helping me to assess this subject in a different light. It is along the same lines as the punctuation (specifically, that we use in the English language) being put in a position which COMPLETELY changes the meaning of the original text.

Once again, I sincerely appreciate a different perspective. Having them is the greatest method of "well-rounded" learning! God bless!

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