What does the Bible say about a disabled person begging for money?


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This is an extremely important question as it deals with two major issues: greed and charity. In the United States, we were founded on Christian principles that dictated we would be a giving Nation. We would take care of our young, our elderly, our wounded, and those incapable of taking care of themselves. We would also take care of our neighbors as we wanted them to take care of us should the need ever arise. 

Unfortunately, we have done such a fantastic job of taking care of our neighbors they now expect us to come rushing in when the slightest ill wind blows to"rescue" them! If we do not do this, we are portrayed as huge horrible selfish "Christians" that are not to be trusted. Until we send billions of dollars to smooth over the public opinion polls, AGAIN. Until the next crisis...

In our own country, we have raised generations of individuals who have been reared on big government handouts. Yes, we have fed our children, poor, homeless, fatherless, widows just like the Scriptures has told us. To a fault. Generations of individuals that haven't a clue of what work to eat means. 

States that have attempted to initiate ready to work programs have been penalized by the Federal Government and told it was discrimination to force able-bodied people to work for food stamps. In this the truly needy, have suffered. Imagine attempting to budget your life on $722.00 or less a month. That is the average SSI income. While I am positive they are truly grateful, sometimes it just doesn't cover everything.

There are individuals that will say, "If you used your money better, you'd have more." I challenge them to go to the grocery store with about $80 for the month. 

I do not ask people for money. I am not a begging on the streets. For this I thank God everyday! However, I do look at young healthy people, able to work, able to support their family and it does anger me when they whip out their card and pay for their groceries with your tax dollars, then buy $100 worth of beer and 2 cartons of smokes. 

Our local United Way is packed with people attempting to receive help. Charity dictates that it is freely given. Greed overcomes these people as they swarm in snatching and grabbing anything that has been donated for this worthy cause. Unfortunately, the next Saturday it is sold at the local flea market for profit. 

I hope I have answered the question, shown the difference in greed and charity. God does expect us to be loving giving people.
Jesus said the poor you'd have with you always to take care of. 
Mark 14:7

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