Does the Bible teach situational ethics?


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Stringio Bruce Morgan

Situational ethics (and moral relativism) is advocated as an alternative to the perceived "ironclad, harsh demands" of the Bible, not as consisent with the Bible.

November 03 2014 Report

Mini nick bath

My thoughts on this difficult subject:

1. God's ways are not our ways. Isaiah:55.8-9.
2. Mankind can only look through the glass darkly. 1 Cor 13:12.
3. Perhaps a fundamental meaning of Job (and Revelation) indeed the Bible - God is in charge of both right and wrong, suffering and joy, not man's thoughts (free will), but we should strive to discern God's will in making what we define as moral, ethical decisions and consider the consequences of actions engendered by those decisions.
4.God provides ample opportunity for redemption and forgiveness (Faith,Grace).

July 29 2016 Report

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