Has God has planned every event of my life?


Psalms 139:13

MSG - 13 Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother's womb. I thank you, High God - you're breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration - what a creation! You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I'd even lived one day.

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Stringio Colin Wong Supporter Founder, eBible.com
"The days of my life all prepared before I'd even lived one day". 

I believe God's plans takes into account your free will and how you react to everything around you. How is this possible? He is after all God.

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1381739900 Erica DiCarlo Erica DiCarlo : Turning Your Mess Into Your Message
Yes, my opinion is God very much has a predetermined/purposeful plan for each of us individually, but the time it takes to live out that plan is very much reliant on our choices to let His will be done. Regardless of any detours or trial along the way, our testimonies will ultimately reveal that all has happened for good reason so we may be witnesses to others of this very real truth! Jeremiah 29:11 :) God bless

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Data Deborah Bullock Homemaking, caretaking for my elderly mom, parttime artist
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; 
in your book were written, every one of them, 
the days that were formed for me, 
when as yet there was none of them - Psalms 139:16

As a mother who lost my son to cancer when he was 14 years old, I find this Scripture very comforting because it takes away the haunting question of: Did I do enough or, did I do too much in fighting his cancer.

It's a comfort and relief to know that the days of Bryan's life were written before he was born.

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Mini Frederick Thomas Rom 3:4 ...let God be true...
I don't think God programs us to do things.

This is my opinion.

The human race that are here, are here by God's allowance. Allowed after God screened them (I speak foolishly) before their birth and saw what choices/input they will make in this world. Only those whose activities would work/promote God's purposes were allowed into this living world. 

God controls the womb according to scriptures.

God chose by His foreknowledge everybody that's here to be here with their activities. 

It was God’s choice to allow you to be here with your choice. You could not exercise your choice if God did not choose you to be here to exercise your choice. So your choice is God's choice. So everything that is, is Gods doings though you’re truly responsible for the choices you make. 
This is Gods doing therefore what is, is what God intended and what God intended is for His purposes. There is nothing in this planet that He did not allowed or caused. 

Job 23:13 "But He is unique and who can turn Him? And what His soul desires, that He does. 

Isa 14:24 The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, "Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand, 
Isa 14:27 "For the LORD of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back?" 

Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, 'My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure'; 

Lam 3:32 For if He causes grief, Then He will have compassion According to His abundant loving kindness. 

Lam 3:33 For He does not afflict willingly or grieve the sons of men. 

He allowed/approved everybody into this world with the knowledge of their choices, discourtesy obedience, departure and method departure. 
Yes some things may come with/cause grief but He promise compassion according to His abundant loving-kindness.

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