What are the different theories of biblical inspiration?


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Mini Richard Mukasa

Personally, I became a Christian without first reading the Bible. I came to know Christ through a conversation with an Anglican Reverend. After repenting and saying a prayer to God, I went home and the next thing I saw were visions after visions.

I received revelations from Christ and then I experienced out of body experiences and then I went on spiritual tours around the universe with Jesus. The Lord loved me so much and he healed me of so many spiritual illnesses most especially rejection and anger. I was loved by Christ so much that I came to know Christ as my personal saviour in a very personal manner.

It is this love that I received from Christ that made me to read the Bible with such hunger as if there was a deadline to reading it. The Bible became my friend. Without the love from Christ, I wonder if I would have read it. I was broken hearted, lonely and tired.

It was after receiving this too much love that Jesus himself instructed me to read the Bible. He encouraged me to read the New Testament. I read it repeatedly. There are so many revelations in the Bible and it is a very interesting book to read. The Bible put my understanding of Christ into a better Earthly perspective.

The Bible can be an inspiring word and it can help someone to grow but it is a spiritual book. It is different from reading a textbook or a newspaper. One needs the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible. My personal view is that God is supreme and he has authority over everything. If we seek God first, all other things will be easy to understand including the Bible. People need to pray to God and ask him to reveal himself to them. It is God that gives knowledge. He makes the hidden mysteries look easier to understand.

When you get to know God, all these arguments of whether the Bible is inspired or God breath will not matter because the Bible confirms God's plan of salvation, through the message of the Cross. Therefore, to me, it doesn't matter what arguments humans put forward, what matters is that my redeemer lives and the Bible confirms this.

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