What does scripture say about the Muslim people?

Specifically, their history, not just the present.

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Mini Brenda Grace Moskal

I am so glad that the scripture is very clear on these false dangerous religions. They have words that can easily mislead us. We need to pray for them that they will come to the Lord Jesus and receive eternal life with Jesus and not be sent to hell. Thank-you. Brenda

February 12 2015 Report

Image Shawen Baragry

I would like to know what fellow Christians think on this matter?
I for one do not accept that islam is a religion or faith, I believe it is a sinister ideology and is interpreted to suit those who have influence over others.

February 12 2015 Report

Dora Sujith Kumar

I don't just believe that they are a sinister idea, but they are misled ;to them Jesus never died on the cross,was never son of god,and some one else was crucified in his place.But what really surprises me is that they never had David as a king but a prophet.They are seriously misled I believe some has twisted the views of the Torah And The Bible completely,because of which they are killing and have hatred in their hearts for others.But one point to be remembered is if GOD loves someone no matter where they are they will join him.Praise The Lord.

February 12 2015 Report

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