What is the cause of all the anti-Semitism in the world?


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Data Leonie McLoughlin

The Jews are hated because they ARE Gods chosen people. Chosen by God thousands of years ago. The land was also given to them by God, all of it...
The Palenstinins have no right to the land.

April 11 2014 Report

Mini Jeffrey Goff

First off, the word 'Jew' refers to a descendant of Judah, not to all Israel. Also, after the Babylonian captivity, there is nothing in history about Israel. In Germany and in Europe there is evidence that Israel settled there, so people in German and Europe might be part Israeli. It wasn't until after the 1950's, when the Jews got the country of Israel, was ALL Israel called Jews. But how do we know who is a Israelite or not?We can't.

February 12 2015 Report

Mini Kenneth Heck

Antisemitism is on the rise because true religious belief and practice in the world (regardless of religion) is at an all-time low. Jews are fiercely hated by Muslims. Muslims are increasingly hated by Jews, Christians, and Hindus. Atheists continue to numerically increase and despise all religions. We also see the increase of satanic, demonic, and occult activities among the world's population.

All this hatred (including antisemitism) means that we are headed toward major disasters - wars, famine, plague - as prophesied in the bible. It is only after these chastisements that we can expect antisemitism to decrease substantially.

January 18 2017 Report

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