What does the Bible say or infer about a person smoking marijuana?

I feel I have a great relationship with the Lord, however I also love to smoke marijuana, which by no means hinders my relationship with God as far as I know. I don't let it get in the way of the will God has for me, but still get judged by other Christians for smoking marijuana.  I even feel I have a better relationship than most Christians that don't smoke at all. 

Having the relationship with God that I do, I feel that if he wanted me to stop then God would put it on my heart to stop. But honestly I don't feel led even a little bit to quit.

 I would like to hear what other people have to say about this. Thank you!

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Mini Annie Tangherlini

I happen to agree with you David. I myself smoke. It does also help my chronic pain as I am disabled. Although to be fair, I smoked prior to my disability. I have NEVER had a closer relationship to the Lord than I ever have. I am 53 now. I was Baptized for the 2nd time just last Spring!! I read Scripture nearly every single day. I have been to fellowship in several churches in trying to find my Christian home. I do not think Jesus has a problem with this, as well as God put this wonderful healing herb on this planet!! I believe for it's obvious Medicinal healing properties!!

Thank you for sharing...I do think it may also be healthier than drinking alcohol as well.

November 30 2014 Report

Mini al reynosa

Kudos on your relationship with God, not too many folks can say that. I would caution you giving credit to pot smoking as enhancing your relationship with God. He alone is enough to have a super natural experience.

It's too bad folks judge you. I've never understood this behavior considering we all have our own bag of hang-ups.

Pot regulated for medicinal purposes has some benefit but excessive use has a long list of detrimental affects.

December 03 2014 Report

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