Why are Christians so judgmental?


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Koala Paula Kevann

We need to pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment.

March 25 2016 Report

Data Myrtle Linder

All Christians are not judgmental, but give HIS WORD to others so that they too may become Christians, this is the job of Christians. GOD gave the rules and Christians try to do what we can to see that everybody has a chance at salvation, not judging others, which is not the job given us by GOD.

WE are all sinners and we all will be judged, which is only the right of GOD, some will receive grace because we are shamed by our sins against GOD and want this forgiveness. True Christians know this and do their best to help those who are bent on evil, to change so they, too can be forgiven. This is not being judgmental, this is giving other the WORD OF GOD as HE tells us in Ezekiel 3:16-27, 33:6-9. Christians do this in love, not in hatred of other sinners!

If and when we judge we are sinning against GOD, St, Matthew 7:1-5. There is a vast difference in being Christian and a being judgmental, anybody can be judgmental but only self sacrificing people living according to GOD'S will is true Christian!!

WE should remember there is a vast difference in speaking against evil as it is portrayed in HIS WORD, which is a duty given us by GOD, and being judgmental. This is the thing that is bothering millions, who cannot understand the difference, even though we do have those who love to tell others how sinful they are and listing their sins, who are seem to think that they are without sin!!

February 20 2017 Report

Mini Bob Epperson

I do not believe it is our job as Christians to be judgmental. Judge not lest you be judged. I believe it is our Father God's right to judge. Some Christians feel that iron sharpens iron and steel sharpens steel and that gives them the authority to publicly call out other's shortcomings on public media and even sometimes in the Lords house. I think what we must all be guarded about this if we choose to speak out and share another's information. We must ask is our information undeniably correct if not it is all gossip.

In my bible study group we have called on each other to hold each other accountable but privately and to not spread half truths and gossip among the congregation. We do believe in accountability and that iron sharpens iron and steel sharpens steel but only when it is done with prayer and a God filled heart. Anything short of that is seen as judgmental and gossipy. All of us are sinners, most likely most of us have been judgmental and gossipy, but we can change through prayer, God's word and a Christian heart.

February 26 2017 Report

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