How can I overcome a habitual sin?


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Mini Jeanetta Bass

Now that I know more about the finished workings of the cross. To me that's a no brainer. Tried for over 30 to over come habitual sin and when I stopped paying attention to it it was gone. I just looked at Christ love for me at the cross and that settled it. To often we pay more attention to the sin and don't realize that Jesus bore that sin. He God knows what's in ur heart and if it's out to please Him. The enemy ( in a me) want to continue to hold u hostage but sin no longer has that power. Christ took care of that. No that if u came to Jesus because u new u could not handle sin in the first place.and sin is sin don't u think He knows that. I loves you now know that thank Him for taking it to the cross so that sin can no longer have dominion over u. He didn't say u would have no sin but that it would not have dominion over you. In reality it's gone what u have is an enemy playing games. Resist the devil and he will flee.

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