How can I quit my addiction to smoking?


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Fb 20141008 12 39 07 saved picture Dee Scott

Yes,it is a SIN if you let it control u. By that I mean if all you think about is when can I take a break so I can have a SMOKE! The way I gave up Smoking is I had to remember,that if my body is a Temple. And Jesus die on the CROSS for my SINS, Than I have to give God's temple back to him it's the only gift,that I can give back to the father this was in 2000. I gave it up for Lent! And I asked God to take the taste away and he did!

January 29 2015 Report

Image Helen Bevan

Many prayers from loved ones, unconditional love and support and Being blessed by The Lord for my beautiful son made me stop.

March 22 2016 Report

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