Was Lucifer perfect when God created Him?


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Mini Pam Johnson
That's a really good question. Was Lucifer perfect when God created him? 

Because God is perfect and we can read from scripture that all He created for humans was perfect in the beginning, I would have to say that yes, Lucifer, in the beginning, was created perfect. But just as Adam and Eve had free choice and eventually chose themselves over obeying God and then sinned, this too must have happened to Lucifer and the fallen angels. We know that those angels who stayed true to God didn't fall and are not separated from God but are constantly in His presence. And that humans now are separated also from God until we transform and enter heaven because of the atoning blood of Jesus. 

I believe that God creates all things perfect because He is awesome and perfect. I believe He gives free will to all of his spiritual creatures both angels and humans. I believe we will all make decisions regarding the Lord and will either be saved or condemned by those decisions. Lucifer made a really bad decision and fostered his pride which led to his downfall. Walk humbly before God because it is God who is the source of all life, truth, and purity.

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Data Tony Flores Tony Flores a servant of Jesus Christ
Yes, just like Adam and Eve, Lucifer was perfectly created, but just like Adam and Eve, his free Will took him to a sinful nature. Lucifer wanted to be God (Ephesians 3:9). All things were created by God (Jesus) for Himself (Ezekiel 28 11-19),(Colossians 1:16). Lucifer's beauty was unequal, but not being satisfied with his position, he let a rebellion that took with him one third of the Angels. When all is finished and Satan and his followers are sent to their final destination, God will create a New Heaven and a new Earth (Rev 21:1) and all whom have asked for forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ, whom He sent to right the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden and believe in Jesus Christ, for He is the Truth, the Way and the Life, will be with God for all eternity. If you don't know Jesus Christ, then you don't know the Father, which are one with the Holy Spirit, the God of the Universe.

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1379206340 Jonel Cecilio
No. Only God is perfect in all aspects. Lucifer thought he was, and wanted to be equal with God. That led him to hate God and rebel.

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Mini Walrus theCat
According to Ezekiel 28:14-15, Lucifer (the annointed cherub who covers) was perfect in all his ways until iniquity was found in him.

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