Why do some people seem wealthy and rewarded on earth, and not others?


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Mini lillian waxwood

Because some people need to get a relationship with our father God to get the blessing that is in store for whoever or honor the laws of what God would want you to do. Keep all the fruit of the spirit in your heart.

November 14 2014 Report

Mini Chef william Gibson

Well some people work, and some don't, is that what the difference is?

November 14 2014 Report

Mini Gary Creel

What about those who inherit their wealth, or those who win the lottery, or those who made a very lucky bet either through gambling or the stock market?

More importantly, if you have the wealth in the first place, you are much more likely to be able to obtain health which is the greatest benefit you can have.

November 14 2014 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Health and wealth are not the greatest benefits one can have. Have you ever noticed that those with fame, such as celebrities, are always seeking more fame? Their fame does not make them content. Likewise, the wealthy usually seek more wealth, which can lead to broken families, rampant greed, corruption, etc. Spiritually, too much wealth can be detrimental, as one can look at wealth and say "I have no need of God".

Statistically, one does not gain anymore 'happiness' making $750,000 a year vs. $75,000 a year. Some of the happiest people I have personally met were living in what we Americans would consider destitute poverty. Also, an American making around 25k a year with a roof over their head and a car is more wealthy than 95% of the world!

It is actually better to be content in poverty than broken in wealth. The ideal, from an earthly perspective only, is to have 'enough', not too little or too much (Ecc 4:5-6). Wealth, however, is fleeting (James 1:9-10), and never enough! (Ecc 5:10)

From a spiritual perspective, it is best to be content in all circumstance: wealth, poverty, striving, peace, etc, and recognize that this earthly life is only temporary. Our eternal home is with God, not with the trials and tears of earth (Phil 4:12-13, Heb 13:5), and every poor believer is a prince. The love of money causes all manner of evil (I Tim 6:9-10, II Tim 3:3_), the worst being loving money more than seeking God (Matt 19:16-30).

November 14 2014 Report

Mini Gary Creel

If you die because you lack the resources to become well, then nothing else really matters.

There is a huge difference between making a choice, because you have the means even when that is a bad choice, and having no choice.

Jesus healed those who had no choice or ability to heal on their own, but Jesus is not healing everyone or even most people.

On the other hand modern medicine is available to anyone who can afford it and vaccines save millions of lives every year.

November 14 2014 Report

Closeup Jennifer Rothnie

Poverty is one of the tragedies of this fallen world, but even the poorest have the hope of eternal life and inheriting the rich promises of God.

Jesus does heal, spiritually. He heals everyone who asks from bondage to sin, and continually works in our lives to bring further healing in our emotions and lives.

Sometimes, there is even physical healing. I've experienced this, my mother has more dramatically (many visible tumors disappearing), others I have known, too. It happens a lot in other countries where the Word of God is spread - all this outside the realm of medicine.

Why isn't everyone healed? Healing is usually for a sign, such as when Christ healed all who came to prove who He was. It is used as one of the proofs that Jesus is all He claimed to be. In America, where we have many evidences of God (past miracles, scripture, testimonies, etc), further signs and wonders serve sensation-seeking more than God-seeking. As such, healing is most common in areas where the gospel is being spread. Sometimes, it is also just a blessing to a believer. The movie "Faith Like Potatoes", based on a true story, goes into this in depth, as the main character prays for one boy who is healed and lives, but later prays for his own son but he dies. It is not always God's purpose to physically heal, but it is always God's purpose to spiritually heal those who seek Him.

As Christians, we should reach out to the poor; to feed, clothe, help, befriend; in Jesus' Name (Matt 25:31-46).

November 14 2014 Report

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