A Prophet Condemns Ben-hadad's Release

1 Kings 20

35 A man who was one of the prophets said to a bystander, "Hit me; wound me. Do it for God's sake - it's his command. Hit me; wound me." But the man wouldn't do it. 36 So he told him, "Because you wouldn't obey God's orders, as soon as you leave me a lion will attack you." No sooner had the man left his side than a lion met him and attacked. 37 He then found another man and said, "Hit me; wound me." That man did it - hit him hard in the face, drawing blood. 38 Then the prophet went and took a position along the road, with a bandage over his eyes, waiting for the king. It wasn't long before the king happened by. The man cried out to the king, "Your servant was in the thick of the battle when a man showed up and turned over a prisoner to me, saying, 'Guard this man with your life; if he turns up missing you'll pay dearly.' But I got busy doing one thing after another and the next time I looked he was gone." The king of Israel said, "You've just pronounced your own verdict." 41 At that, the man ripped the bandage off his eyes and the king recognized who he was - one of the prophets! 42 The man said to the king, "God's word: Because you let a man go who was under sentence by God, it's now your life for his, your people for his." 43 The king of Israel went home in a sulk. He arrived in Samaria in a very bad mood.

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