The East Gate to the Outer Court

Ezekiel 40

5 First I saw a wall around the outside of the Temple complex. The measuring stick in the man's hand was about ten feet long. He measured the thickness of the wall: about ten feet. The height was also about ten feet. 6 He went into the gate complex that faced the east and went up the seven steps. He measured the depth of the outside threshold of the gate complex: ten feet. There were alcoves flanking the gate corridor, each ten feet square, each separated by a wall seven and a half feet thick. The inside threshold of the gate complex that led to the porch facing into the Temple courtyard was ten feet deep. 8 He measured the inside porch of the gate complex: twelve feet deep, flanked by pillars three feet thick. The porch opened onto the Temple courtyard. 10 Inside this east gate complex were three alcoves on each side. Each room was the same size and the separating walls were identical. 11 He measured the outside entrance to the gate complex: fifteen feet wide and nineteen and a half feet deep. 12 In front of each alcove was a low wall eighteen inches high. The alcoves were ten feet square. 13 He measured the width of the gate complex from the outside edge of the alcove roof on one side to the outside edge of the alcove roof on the other: thirty-seven and a half feet from one top edge to the other. 14 He measured the inside walls of the gate complex: ninety feet to the porch leading into the courtyard. 15 The distance from the entrance of the gate complex to the far end of the porch was seventy-five feet. 16 The alcoves and their connecting walls inside the gate complex were topped by narrow windows all the way around. The porch also. All the windows faced inward. The doorjambs between the alcoves were decorated with palm trees.

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