Jesus Ministers to Great Crowds

Matthew 4

23 d And he went throughout all Galilee, e teaching in their synagogues and f proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and g healing every disease and every affliction among the people. 24 So his fame spread throughout all h Syria, and g they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and i pains, j those oppressed by demons, k epileptics, and l paralytics, and he healed them. 25 m And great crowds followed him from Galilee and the n Decapolis, and from Jerusalem and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan.

  1. Cross References
    Mark 1:39
    And he went throughout all Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.
  2. Cross References
    Matthew 9:35
    And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction.
    Matthew 13:54
    And coming to his hometown he taught them in their synagogue, so that they were astonished, and said, "Where did this man get this wisdom and these mighty works?
    Mark 1:21
    And they went into Capernaum, and immediately on the Sabbath he entered the synagogue and was teaching.
    Luke 4:15
    And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified by all.
    John 18:20
    Jesus answered him, "I have spoken openly to the world. I have always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all Jews come together. I have said nothing in secret.
  3. Cross References
    Matthew 24:14
    And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
    Luke 4:43
    But he said to them, "I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.
    Matthew 13:19
    When anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart. This is what was sown along the path.
  4. Cross References
    Matthew 8:16
    That evening they brought to him many who were oppressed by demons, and he cast out the spirits with a word and healed all who were sick.
    Matthew 14:35 - 36
    And when the men of that place recognized him, they sent around to all that region and brought to him all who were sick
    Mark 1:34
    And he healed many who were sick with various diseases, and cast out many demons. And he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him.
    Mark 6:55 - 56
    And ran about the whole region and began to bring the sick people on their beds to wherever they heard he was.
  5. Cross References
    Luke 2:2
    This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria.
  6. Cross References
    Matthew 4:23
    And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people.
  7. Cross References
    Matthew 8:6
    "Lord, my servant is lying paralyzed at home, suffering terribly."
  8. Cross References
    John 10:21
    Others said, "These are not the words of one who is oppressed by a demon. Can a demon open the eyes of the blind?
  9. Cross References
    Matthew 17:15
    Said, "Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is an epileptic and he suffers terribly. For often he falls into the fire, and often into the water.
  10. Cross References
    Matthew 9:2
    And behold, some people brought to him a paralytic, lying on a bed. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, "Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.
    Matthew 9:6
    But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins" - he then said to the paralytic - "Rise, pick up your bed and go home.
  11. Cross References
    Mark 3:7 - 8
    Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the sea, and a great crowd followed, from Galilee and Judea
    Luke 6:17
    And he came down with them and stood on a level place, with a great crowd of his disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem and the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon.
  12. Cross References
    Mark 5:20
    And he went away and began to proclaim in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him, and everyone marveled.
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