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  1. What would be considered Baal worship today?
  2. What are some ways God tells you how much you matter to him?
  3. What are some biblical examples of foes falling in Psalm 27:2?
  4. Why does the Bible have to tell us to be kind to one another?
  5. Was Jesus referring to himself as God in Luke 17:18?
  6. If we trust in God, are we guaranteed safety? (Psalm 37:3–25)
  7. Is it desirable to avoid trials and temptation? (James 1:2)
  8. What are some ways COVID-19 could transform us for better or for worse?
  9. How does finding refuge under God's wings in Psalm 91:4 relate to seeing the punishment of the wicked in Psalm 91:8-9, if, in fact, it does?
  10. Is it okay for Christians to "meditate"? (119:27)

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