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  1. Why ask a blessing from someone who had just hurt you? (Genesis 32:26)
  2. Was Jesus despised by men or respected by them?
  3. Why was the temple decorated so ornately (2 Chronicles 3:1-5:1)?
  4. How does an honest answer resemble a kiss on the lips? (Proverbs 24:26)
  5. Who was Molek? (Isaiah 57:9)
  6. Why would anyone want to sacrifice their children? (2 Chronicles 28:3)
  7. What does it mean in Proverbs 18:16 that your gift will make room for you?
  8. Why call wicked Babylon a Virgin Daughter? (Isaiah 47:1)
  9. Why did Solomon spend more time building his own house than God’s house? (1 Kings 6:38–7:1)
  10. What are the benefits of "drinking water from your own well?" (Proverbs 5:19ff)

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  5. He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead”

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