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  1. How do I know if my child is affected with my sins when she was in the womb?
  2. Would seven years of famine be unusual? (Genesis 41:27)
  3. Which twin was considered the firstborn? (Genesis 38:27-30)
  4. If Jesus had not yet ascended to the Father, how could He have committed His Spirit to the Father?
  5. Why would God speak to a nonbeliever like Pharaoh? (Genesis 41:16)
  6. What are some good reasons to memorize Scripture?
  7. Who can be as perfect as God? (Matthew 5:48)
  8. Were all Korah’s family killed with him or only some? (in the earthquake)
  9. Does God condone rape?
  10. Why are God’s chosen people given three different names in different portions of scripture?

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