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  1. Can the people in hell see us?
  2. What does Ecclesiastes mean when it says, "God seeks that which has passed by [has been driven away]"?
  3. What does the Bible say about paranormal investigation?
  4. Is divorce a sin?
  5. What is the secret to walking close to God?
  6. Why did God keep the burial place of Moses a secret?
  7. What does the Bible say about environmental stewardship?
  8. How did the woman at Bethany know to pour the ointment onto Jesus, or did she know why she was doing it?
  9. How does love cover all wrongs?
  10. What does it mean that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter?

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Question by Ponatshego Kgagawe

Why is it that Jesus' disciples and other early Christians were also killed after Jesus was crucified, eg John, Stephen, James, and others?

Why were there others among Jesus' friends and the early church that had to die for their faith? It seems that since Jesus died to pay for our sins, others s...

Acts 7:1 - 60

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Question by Deb Ackerman

Is divorce a sin?

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Question by Anonymous