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  1. How has God exalted his solemn decree? (Psalm 138:2)
  2. Can it be implied from Psalm 139:13–16 that the bible considers abortion to be murder?
  3. What does it mean to have God’s face shine on someone? (Psalm 119:135)
  4. What does the Bible say about the universality of sin?
  5. What did Old Testament people know about God’s Spirit? (143:10)
  6. What did Jesus mean when He said, "You shall be free indeed."? John 8:36
  7. What did Jesus mean when he said, "You are already clean because of the words which I have spoken to you."?
  8. Is there proof in the Bible that Elijah was taken to heaven or another place?
  9. Why are there only 4 gospels in the bible?
  10. Why did God want to take the sabbath away from Israel?

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