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  1. Why does the Amplified version in Acts 17:22 speak of 'religious' as being 'reverent to demons'?
  2. How do we differentiate between our needs and wants before God?
  3. Why does God let so much hate and murder go on when he commands us to love and be kind? Why does he not put his foot down and stop all these hateful and abusive people from continuing what they do?
  4. Why should we serve in the church?
  5. When God destroys the earth will he start over?
  6. How can we consider all of Solomon’s proverbs as wise when we know he turned away from the Lord?
  7. How can I stop judging others?
  8. What does Jesus mean when he says, "But wisdom is justified by her children"?
  9. What if a person cannot read or is illiterate? Are they expected to learn the Bible to use as armor and learn about God?
  10. How do I know the difference between a person coming to me from God or the devil?

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  4. For You, and for You Only
  5. He’s Only “Mostly Dead,” not “All Dead”

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Question by Anonymous

What can I do to positively influence my adult daughter, who has no interest in God, to become a Christian?

My daughter lives where Mormonism is very prevalent . She just moved there a year and a half ago. Prior to last week, for the 30 years I’ve known her, she ha...

Romans 9:8

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