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  1. What is the Septuagint?
  2. Is it possible that Adam and Eve spoke with the serpent before he deceived them in the garden?
  3. How did Lucifer get his inclination to become prideful and act on his desire to sin?
  4. Should we live in terror of God? (Proverbs 1:7)
  5. Why would the house of Israel pass under [God’s] rod? (Ezekiel 20:37)
  6. What does the Valley of Vision refer to? (Isaiah 22:1)
  7. Was Israel’s repentance genuine or fake? (Hosera 6:1–3)
  8. Does God have mood swings? (Nahum 1:6-7) first, wrathful, then comforting
  9. What caused Isaiah to tremble? (Isaiah 21:3–4)
  10. When did Egypt experience civil war and subjection to a fierce king? (Isaiah 19:2, 4)

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Question by Kelvert Lemonia

What was God doing before he created the universe?

Did they have any written information about what God was doing before creating the universe?

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