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  1. What does the Bible say about abortion?
  2. Did all of Saul’s family die with him or not? 1 Chronicles 10:6
  3. Why rely on chance to pick the priests who would serve before God?
  4. Where are the gates of hell?
  5. Did Jesus’ prediction about Jerusalem come true? (Luke 19:41–44)
  6. What is corporate prayer?
  7. Why did the disciples wake Jesus up during the storm?
  8. Why couldn’t a sovereign God overrule an unwilling city? (Matthew 23:37)
  9. Why would obeying God in war disqualify David from building the temple? (1 Ch22:8)
  10. How important is conscience to the Christian life?

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Question by Kurt Snyder

Who were the "sons of God" that produced giant offspring?

Genesis 6:4

16 Votes June 08 2013 Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous

What is the meaning of the trinity?

We believe in one God but we often pray to the Father, the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

1 Vote June 01 2013 Follow Vote Up

Question by Anonymous

Who is Satan?

What is the role of satan during this time (BC)? Sounds like he works with God, but I believe he is the bad guy?

Job 2:1 - 11

May 31 2013 Follow Vote Up