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  1. How is it "work" to believe? (John 6:29)
  2. If you have a friend who is gay, but they tell you they have a relationship with Jesus, what do you say?
  3. Did Jesus drink wine/alcohol?
  4. What’s the role of a Sunday school teacher in the lives of the children?
  5. Why did Jesus call people fools and yet condemn others for doing the same thing?
  6. In what sense had they not defiled themselves as in Revelation 14:4?
  7. What does Daniel 12:1 reveal about the time of the end?
  8. Does the bible talk about black people and racisim?
  9. Why did the Old Testament prescribe that one could hate his enemies?
  10. Why were the Israelites angered because they craved meat? Didn't they have 1000’s of sheep and goats ant cows to eat?

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Question by Kenion Will , Mr

How can hell or "the lake of fire" last forever if 2 Peter 3:13 states that there will be a new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness?

If hell is said to be beneath, or in the center of the earth as some people may assert, this seems to be in conflict with the scripture quoted in 2 Peter 3:1...

2 Peter 3:13

2 Votes September 24 2013 Follow Vote Up

Question by Chia Chen

Why did Jesus say to use the worldly wealth to gain friends for ourselves?

So that when it is gone, we will be welcomed into eternal dwellings?

Luke 16:9

11 Votes September 23 2013 Follow Vote Up