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Martin Ferreira

I rely on the title of Christian rather that i am a son of God through the trace of Jesus
I was brought up in a Protestant religion where the Holy Spirit was not known, rather living under the law. Of course I could not keep and live a sinless live and burt out denounced the church and lived a life of sin as I wanted to , later denouncing even God, as satan led me further ino the abyss I did not care, then my wife got saved, never discussed it s I said defiantly, no words from no preacher will convince me there is a God. As I was once thinking this He revealed His glory on me for 2 secs and I cried for days , seeing how stupid I was. Not even knowing what I was saying I asked to be baptised in the Holy Spirit , as I prayed the words ie tongues started to form , I was even a little concerned - what are these noises and what they for? This was 3 years ago and have started with ministry school.

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Why do we still have physical death?

Why do we have to die? It's so that we can be raised in our immortal bodies...

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