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Felix Itsuokor

Sunday school teacher
I am a born again  believer,  who believed in the truth of the gospel and holiness. I love Jesus  Christ and I believe he's  coming back very soon 

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Who was Jezebel?


Comment 1 Vote Asked November 12 2015


Was Jesus Christ married? Did Jesus have a wife?

My brothers and Sisters, kindly read the following scriptures please : Titus...

Comment 17 More Answers 6 Votes Asked November 12 2015


Is pleading the blood of Jesus biblical?

Rev12:11," They overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of...

Comment 10 More Answers 2 Votes Asked January 14 2015


Did Jesus speak in tongues?

Jesus Christ is God who manifested in human flesh to redeem humanity. John...

Comment 1 More Answer Asked March 28 2014


Do you think John 14:1-4 truly refers to heaven/a physical place or refers to intimacy with God?

Yes John 14.1-4 is a physical place, only those who are born again will go...

Comment 2 More Answers 1 Vote Asked March 10 2014


What does the Bible say about Christian confirmation?

To be confirmed as a born again Christian simply means to be baptised in the...

Comment 1 More Answer 1 Vote Asked March 09 2014


Can a Christian be demon possessed? Can a Christian be demonized?

A Christian is Christlike and not those who worship with their lips while...

Comment 9 More Answers 4 Votes Asked March 09 2014