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Chris Davids

Saved by God to save.
There was moment in my life that I felt that I wasn't enough, 
my self confidence took a toll and I felt like less of a man, I wasn't able to provide properly as a man, this is where the enemy had me in a lock grip and added my previous wife eventually divorced me, I never knew the true reason of this, so I just believed I wasn't good enough and eventually found out my ex wife was seeing someone else for over half the 4 years we were married. I lost everything and the worst of all was the fact that my daughter had to go through that division, it tore me seeing her cry out of confusion of what is happening, but if it wasn't for Jesus!!! 

I decided to give my heart to Jesus after all the let downs and screw ups.

My exact prayer to God I remember clearly till this day, it was:

Jesus, I have chosen every partner I had in my live out of the desires of the flesh and out of my own will, but this time, I will serve you until you choose a partner for me this time, because me choosing leads to dissapointments, but you ultimately know what is better me, more than I know.

I served him for 2 years and stayed focused and abstinent, not having any desire or lust for any women, even though many tried, I denied and stayed faithful to what I trusted God for, I then met my wife while serving God as a youth Pastor at our previous church, in a way that only God could do and we are still happily married till this day going for 5 years this year of 2024.

Hope this story gives hope to someone still struggling to find God.

My ministry is online on TikTok: @dayvidsofficial it revolves around my family, Holy Spirit driven deliveries and some fun with the family,  i'm trusting God to grow it even more, I can't wait to see what Jesus has in store though, but for right now, "I'm seeking first the kingdom of God". 


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Why does God continue to let me suffer physical attacks by a spirit after I have repented?

James 4:7 NKJV: 7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee...

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