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Guy Gifford

Actually: An Apostle & Prophet chosen by God
God chose me, but I am still only a sinner saved by grace.  He audibly spoke to me, did authentic miracles for me, and gave a spirit charged vision to me.  He is revealing the truth, which He hid in the Bible, to me and probably some others, in these last days before the Battle of Armageddon.

I've been a committed believer since age 10.  Read the Bible through, many times since age 14.  Completed an accredited Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies.  And Love God with as much of my heart as I'm able.  I've been in ministry for 4 decades.

By meditating on God's word, "He has made me wiser than my teachers", at least in God's ways.  I love to learn everything about God's creation, earth's history, mankind's nature, and God as I can.  I love all people, but I know that I don't have time enough for all people, so I try, with some failure, to teach as many people at one time as possible.  Although, I feel that I know God's ways better than the best godly teachers which I've searched for, I know that in some areas, they sometimes know more.  Although I sound arrogant, I'm really not so; as I simple know what I know, and I'll concede quickly when I don't know something, or know less than the other.  My nature is to love Truth more than Ego or anything else.  I have plenty of other weaknesses.

My current favorite verse is Revelation 2:1, because it is extremely profound, while being completely misunderstood by close to everyone.

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