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Noboodi Busini

Seek and ye shall find. I just keep right on digging. So much is missing in religion. So much knowledge is hidden away. I fear for the people that are lost because of hidden answers. People these days do not have the complete truth. They may or may not come to Jesus because of what they learn. But, if they had complete knowledge that was handed to us they would never doubt. It is a shame one day I even asked a Priest about Nephilim and he did not know. He believes in ghosts, but does not see them as demons. Playing tricks, why because there was knowledge given to us in the past for spells, makeup, jewelry all things that was given in knowledge to the women of men by the fallen angels. They had children (nephilim) that love blood, death, evil doing and is why God had to create the flood. People forget the bible says that the dead cannot speak. Satan is the master of all lies and deceit. Angels will come in the form of man, not to cause fear or confusion. That is why the bible says to be kind because you may entertain Angels. Or as in the case of Mary would say do not fear. It was demons (fallen angels) that were cast out of heaven and lost their bodies and therefore like to enter ours, control our thoughts and cause us to lose faith. They love death, blood, unclean sacrifice and unclean behaviour. 

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He is referring to a gift. A gift of speech. As God does not look for...

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