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David Green

Baptist deacon and lay preacher who enjoys leading worship.
Educated, literate, well-schooled in biblical theology. Born into a Brethren family, but moved into the Baptist family in adult life when the children needed a goo Sunday School. Politically, I would describe myself as a Christian Socialist as this is the closest to New Testament teaching on how we interact with others in society.

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What is the New International Version (NIV)?

In the early 1980's our pastor asked me to write an article for the church...

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Should Christians get vaccinated?

The simple answer is YES, and a big YES at that. Many Christians use their...

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Should a Christian work where alcohol and tobacco are sold?

The problem I percieve is that many Christians, paricularly evangelicals, and...

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Do faith in God and science contradict?

I have what some might describe as a simplistic response. There should be no...

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At whose wedding did Jesus perform his first miracle of converting water into wine?

The key factor to me is that the one most concerned with the lack of wine was...

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