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Noah Hinson

Bible nerd and ex student of the occult and alchemy.
My name is Noah Hinson. I'm a bible nerd and I've been stidying God's word seriously for about a year or two now. I had been "saved" when I was ten, but I never truly repented of my sin as Jesus commands. I don't think I ever read Luke 14 either, which talks about devotion to Christ. After I was "saved" I got into alchemy and the occult. This led me down a road of trouble into things like Kabbalah, New Age, and Eastern Spiritual Practices. Now I have since repented and started to truly follow Jesus Christ. 

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Who is Satan?

Satan is a Hebrew word that means, "The accuser" or "The Prosecutor". Satan...

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Why is it that Jesus' disciples and other early Christians were also killed after Jesus was crucified, eg John, Stephen, James, and others?

Many of the early church died for their faith. They were intensely persecuted...

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Does the Bible mention alchemy?

First of all, what is alchemy? Alchemy is a spiritual and mystical precursor...

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